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Le mardi 11 juillet 2023

10 Must-haves For a Camper Van in Canada

Publié par : Canada RV

Canada is known for its biomes diversity and temperature differences between summer and winter. For camping lovers or camper van road trips, it is important to get some van life essentials before your departure. Canada RV presents 10 must-haves essential items in your motorhome before your adventure in our great country.

1. Camping Chairs

Camping chairs are not only practical but also very useful to have in your camper van. They are available in different designs and colours to suit your needs perfectly. In addition, they allow you to sit comfortably, whether to eat or simply relax around a fire.

2. Bug Net

In Canada, mosquitoes are very present depending on the time of year. A bug net is essential to protect your motorhome and prevent these unwanted visitors from entering it. 

Mosquito repellent is also a must for your outdoor summer activities.

3. Solar Shower

If you don't have a shower in your camper van, a portable solar shower is ideal. All you need is to install it in the sun and wait a few hours to get hot water to take your shower.

This type of outdoor shower is perfect for hot days, but during the winter, it is recommended to get a pop-up shower tent to protect you from the wind and cold.

4. Fire Extinguisher

A portable fire extinguisher should always be in your camper van in an easily accessible place. If a fire breaks out while you're cooking, for example, and you're in the middle of nowhere, your entire mobile home could go up in flames. A fire extinguisher can not only save your belongings but also bring you peace of mind during your adventures.

5. Portable Battery

When the power of your motorhome is running low, a portable battery is a must-have. It allows you to continue your activities without worrying about draining all your principal power source. The portable battery is also practical in winter to keep you warm or on rainy days (if you use solar panels).

6. Traction Boards

If you plan to go off-roading with your camping car, traction boards are very useful to prevent you from getting stuck in unfortunate places. However, be careful with your storage since these traction boards take up a lot of space. If it's possible, it is ideal to store them on your camper van's roof.

7. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Canada is a big country, and you will probably travel a lot there. Good music is essential when driving or during your outdoor activities. A portable Bluetooth speaker is easy to transport, does not take up much storage space and guarantees hours of happiness for your ears!

8. Portable BBQ

Cooking in a camper van can sometimes be complex. With a portable BBQ that you can install outside on sunny days, you can cook without breaking your head and eat excellent meals. It is an essential and very useful item for cooking!

9. Small Heater

Canadian winter months can be very cold. If you are traveling during this period, a small heater could be useful and allow you to warm up a little. Be careful, however, since this type of device consumes lots of energy. So plan for a powerful battery that can operate all your essentials in addition to your small heater.

10. Insulated Cooler

It is important to bring water and food during your outdoor activities. But with the oppressive heat that can take place during the Canadian summer, your drinks and snacks can heat up quickly. A small insulated cooler that you can wear as a backpack is very practical since it can be transported during your activities while keeping your food and water cool.

Get Ready for Your Best Van Life!

With all the accessories listed above, you are ready for an extraordinary adventure in a camper van or RV in Canada!

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