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Support immigrant women in improving their living conditions and facilitate their integration into Quebec. It is a question of helping them to come out of isolation and equip them to favor their auton...

» 7000 avenue Du Parc, (entrée 7009 Hutchison) Montréal » 514-272-3274

Founded in 2001 by Ali Nestor, the non-profit organization Ali and Princes de la Rue aims to help young people in difficulty by helping them develop self-esteem and self-esteem through teaching. marti...

» 3700, boul. Crémazie Est Montréal » 514 325-9486

The Youth Consultation Office is an action organization autonomous community working with youth from 14 to 25 years. Its main mandate is to support young people in their path towards greater autono...

» Montréal » 514-270-9760

Carrefour BLE (Bio Local Employment) is a non-profit organization a profit-making enterprise whose mission is to employ workers of immigrant origin, mainly in the sectors of agribusiness, agronomy ...

» 4770, rue de Salaberry Montréal » (514) 279-3669

The Carrefour populaire Saint-Michel is a center community that works with individuals and families in the Saint-Michel neighborhood whose action aims to improve their quality of life and their colle...

» 2651 boulevard Crémazie Est Montréal » 514-722-1211

The mission of La Jarnigoine is to fight against illiteracy and prevention; raise awareness this problem; contribute to research; working at develop the autonomy of illiterate people; defend the r...

» 211 rue Jarry Montréal » 514-273-6683

The CEFRG is a popular education center whose mission is to develop social consciousness in collective action, while continuing to promote individual care young people as well as adults. It is a pl...

» 4105, 47ième Rue Montréal » 514-596-4420

Support citizen participation by promoting the control of information, the appropriation of information and communication technologies and the contribution to their development.

» 55 rue de Louvain Ouest Montréal » 514 948-6644

The National Circus School is an educational institution Superior dedicated to the circus arts. Its primary mission is to train circus artists, which she has been doing for over 20 years. Its programs...

» 8181 2e Avenue Montréal » 514-982-0859

Created in 1969 to promote the development of college education and CEGEPs, the Federation of CEGEPs is the voluntary grouping of 48 public colleges in Quebec. Official spokesperson and focal point fo...

» 500, boulevard Crémazie Est Montréal » 514 381-8631

Katimavik enables young Canadians to contribute to the sustainable development of communities across Canada through stimulating volunteer service programs for youth.

» 1001 rue Lenoir Montréal » 514-868-0898

Founded in 1972, Maison d'Haïti is a community and cultural organization dedicated to welcoming, educating and integrating immigrant individuals and families as well as creating and developing close t...

» 3245 avenue Émile Journault Montréal » 514-326-3022

Our mission is to prevent school dropout, fight idleness, break isolation and avoid social exclusion of young people. We aim to solve the problems of dropping out of school by offering alternating ...

» 8200 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal » 514-596-5400

The Lighthouse of Hope is a non-profit organization whose mission is to fight school dropout through perseverance and tenacity in school. We accompany elementary and high school students throughout th...

» 9480, Irène-joly Saint-Michel , Montréal »

The Coalition of Popular Literacy Groups of the Québec promotes, defends and develops popular literacy, popular groups that literacy and the defense of human rights illiterate.

» 2030 boul. Pie IX Montréal » 514-789-0505
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