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The non-profit organization (NPO) TOHU, the City of Circus arts, was born in November 1999 at the initiative of En Track (the national grouping of circus arts), the School and Cirque du Soleil. Its ...

» 2345 Rue Jarry Est Montréal » 514-376-8648

The Montreal Youth Library is an organization without profit which, since 1929, offers free services of library in disadvantaged areas of Montreal including access to a municipal library is not alw...

» 1410 Rue Pierce Montréal » 514-931-2304

To enable young people to approach the practice of the arts of scene through creation. Fostering social integration through the youth arts from sensitive urban environments. Broadcast contemporary...

» 7378, rue Lajeunesse Montréal » 514-278-3941

The Théâtre Aux Écuries is a center of creation and diffusion that allows hosted companies and artists to experiment and test their ideas freely, to finally realize their theatrical projects craziest....

» 7285, rue Chabot Montréal » 514-328-7437

VUE SUR LA RÉLEVE (formerly Créations Etc ...) is a major youth cultural organization on the Quebec scene since 1979. Its mission is to support young people aged 5 to 35 who wish to approach the perfo...

» 7355, ave. Christophe-Colomb Montréal » 514-278-3941

» 7475, rue Chabot Montréal » 514-571-1947

Our mission is to promote, through artistic creation, education and awareness with the consideration of cultural pluralism and the diversity of the population, with the aim of meeting unmet social nee...

» 4121, 42e rue Montréal » 514-376-1581

The AQM's mission is the development and recognition of the arts of puppetry.

» 7755, boul. Saint-Laurent Montréal » 514-522-1919

The Atelier La Girelle offers courses to give the taste of knowledge, to develop creativity, to make contact with one's own strengths, to awaken self-confidence, to fill solitude, to get in touch with...

» 1179, rue Barré Ville Saint-Laurent » 514-744-2227

The Le Prévost Library brings together under one roof library for adults and another for young people. She offers all citizens access to its services and collections.

» 7355 Avenue Christophe-Colomb Montréal » 514-872-1523

Reflecting the multi-ethnic reality of the borough, composed of 75 linguistic communities, the library of Parc-Extension is unique in its particular vocation. One of objectives that the library has se...

» 421 Rue Saint-Roch Montréal » 514-872-6071

The Saint-Michel Library brings together under one roof a library for adults and another for young people. She offers all citizens access to its services and collections.

» 7601 Rue François-Perrault Montréal » 514-872-3899

Founded in 2008, Cantine Motivée is a training organization in fairy tale, free and committed to the development of storytelling in Quebec. Since its creation, Cantine Motivée has dreamed of continuin...

» 7755, boul. Saint-Laurent Montréal » 514 564-2808

» 65, rue de Castelneau Montréal » 514-956-9546

The Solis Choir, founded in 2005, is a neighborhood choir that operates in the Villeray and Petite-Patrie neighborhoods in Montreal. Our weekly rehearsals are held on Tuesday at Sainte-Cécile Church, ...

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