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Action Prévention Verdun is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support the people of Verdun, by providing them with educational, leisure, prevention and psychosocial services, so that they ...

» 4609, rue Verdun Montréal » 514-769-8079

Montréal Scouting's mission is to provide dynamic education for boys and girls, enabling them to create and live projects with high challenges that foster leadership development and involvement in the...

» 4949, rue de Verdun Montréal » 514-771-4527

Arena managed by the city of Montreal

» 4110, boulevard LaSalle Montréal » 514 765-7130

Football for 7 to 15 years.

» 3750 boul Gaetan Laberge, Verdun Verdun » 514-765-7249

Hockey Recreation, Elite Hockey and Toddler Program.

» 4110 Boulevard Lasalle Verdun » 514-765-7143

» C.P. 28506, succ. Verdun Verdun » 514 768-2688

Being a house league, the ASMV does not have the same goal as an elite league. The mandate of each coach is to do everything necessary to make every player have fun playing soccer, and that he wants t...

» C.P. 28556 (CSP de Verdun) Verdun » (514) 765-3880

Arena managed by the city of Montreal

» 4110, boulevard Lasalle Montréal » 514 765-7130

» 260, rue Elgar Montréal » 514 765-7270

» 4501, rue Bannantyne Montréal » 514 765-7150

Judo and BJJ course by a Brazilian coach, 5th dan black belt in judo and black belt in BJJ. Judo and BJJ classes by a brazilian teacher who is 5 dan black belt in judo and black belt in BJJ.

» 5959 av verdun Verdun » 514-768-7495

The main goal of the club is to provide access to learning and practice of judo at an affordable rate.

» 4501 rue Bannantyne Verdun » 514 769-6838

A non-profit organization, the Verdun Figure Skating Club has been in existence since 1956. It has introduced thousands of children to the joys of recreational skating and figure skating.

» 4110 boulevard Lasalle Verdun » 514 765-7136

Petanque club open to all.

» 360, rue Caisse Verdun » 514 768-4939

Our mission is to alleviate suffering through the practice of Taoist training that Master Moy Lin Shin passed on to us. We are committed to making Tai Chi Taoist arts accessible everywhere, so that al...

» 284 rue de l'Église Verdun » 514-272-5271
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