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Our organization's mission is the socio-occupational integration of young adults aged 16-35 regardless of their economic situation. We offer specialized needs assessment, intervention, referral and fo...

» 4005, rue Wellington Montréal » 514 767-9971

The Social Assistance Center for Immigrants (CSAI) is a non-profit organization founded in 1947 whose mission is to accompany newcomers and their families in their quest to fully and fully integrate t...

» 6201 Laurendeau Montréal » 514-932-2953

The Return to Work Target team is proud to help job seekers better understand the job market, assist them in their work and contribute to the achievement of their goals. Since 1995, we have been ...

» 4740, rue Wellington Verdun » 514-362-7340

The mission of PERSONAL CARE QUÉBEC, the sectoral committee of the workforce of the personal care services, is to contribute to the development and the recognition of the skills of the workforce of th...

» 4146, rue Wellington Verdun » 514-844-3020

Allow people with a physical disability to have a daytime activity using work, get out of isolation and get involved in their environment. Amalgam Montreal inc. (AMI) innovates by its formula of care ...

» 5970, rue Bannantyne Montréal » 514 362-9551

Service Canada Centers offer a full range of services. They provide information and transaction services.

» 4110, rue Wellington Verdun » 1 800-622-6232

The Verdun Local Employment Center (CLE) administers the Employment Assistance Program. Its mission consists to offer to people in need, programs and services existing income security to combat social...

» 1055, rue Galt Verdun » 514-864-6646

OPEQ (Computers for Quebec Schools) has the mission to offer high-performance computer equipment free or at low cost to private and public schools, early childhood centers (CPE), non-profit organizati...

» 1 carrefour Alexander G. Bell Verdun » 514 391-0861

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