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Agence Ometz is a social service delivery agency specializing in employment, immigration and family services. It promotes the full development of each and ensures the growth and dynamism of the Jewish...

» 5151 chemin Côte-Sainte-Catherine Montréal » 514-342-0000

In Canada since 1882, and for 130 years in Quebec, The Salvation Army has set itself the goal of meeting the basic needs of people. It is now the largest social service provider in Canada after the go...

» 1700-625 Avenue du Président-Kennedy Montréal » 514-288-2848

The YMCAs of Quebec is a charitable organization whose mission is to build stronger communities by providing opportunities for growth and active, healthy and committed life for all.

» 1435 Rue Drummond Montréal » 514-849-5331
» 1440 Rue Stanley Montréal » 514-849-8393
» 5550 avenue Du Parc Montréal » 514-271-9622‎
» 200 Rene-Levesque Ouest Montréal » 514-845-4277
» 4567 rue Hochelaga Montréal » 514-255-4651
» 4335 Hampton Montréal » 514-486-7315‎
» 255 avenue Ash Montréal » 514-935-4711
» 1745 Decarie Montréal » 514-747-9801‎

PETITES-MAINS is an integration company that helps people who are socially excluded, mainly immigrant women. It helps these women get out of their isolation and interact with others while learning a j...

» 7595, boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal » 514-738-8989

Assist in the socio-economic integration of immigrants and visible minorities to develop full citizens of the host society.

» 5960 Rue Jean-Talon Est Montréal » 514-723-4939

Accueil liaison pour arrivants (ALPA) is a non-profit organization that has been working since 1984 with the immigrant population of the Montreal area. Settled in the neighborhood Hochelaga-Maisonn...

» 2030, boulevard Pie IX Montréal » 514-255-3900

Support immigrant women in improving their living conditions and facilitate their integration into Quebec. It is a question of helping them to come out of isolation and equip them to favor their auton...

» 7000 avenue Du Parc, (entrée 7009 Hutchison) Montréal » 514-272-3274

Our mission is to research and take action to prevent and stop serious violations of civil, political, social, cultural and economic rights.

The Multiethnic Association for the Integration of People with Disabilities has been created to provide people with disabilities from different ethno-cultural backgrounds, as well as their families, w...

» 6462 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal » 514-272-0680

ATSA is a non-profit organization that creates works of urban intervention that reflect social, environmental and heritage aberrations.

» 4430 rue Drolet Montréal » (514) 844-9830

The BCHM is a non-profit community organization that works with vulnerable families from ethnocultural communities in the center of the island of Montreal to help them escape isolation and poverty by ...

» 6970, rue Marquette Montréal » 514-725-9508

Café-Jeunesse Multiculturel's mission is to provide Montréal-Nord and the region with a permanent place for meetings and exchanges with young people from different cultures aged thirteen to thirty by ...

» 11121 avenue Salk Montréal » 514-324-8112

The CARI St-Laurent (Saint-Laurent Immigrant and Social Home and Reference Center for Immigrants) is a non-profit organization welcomes and assists immigrants and accompanies them in their personal,...

» 774 Boulevard Décarie Saint-Laurent » 514-748-2007

Carrefour BLE (Bio Local Employment) is a non-profit organization a profit-making enterprise whose mission is to employ workers of immigrant origin, mainly in the sectors of agribusiness, agronomy ...

» 4770, rue de Salaberry Montréal » (514) 279-3669

CANA is a non-profit community organization whose mission is to promote the economic and social participation of immigrants to Quebec society by supporting and accompanying them in their integration j...

» 10780 rue Laverdure Montréal » 514-382-0735
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Online government (42)

This calculation tool is intended for permanent residents who wish to apply for citizenship as adults. It checks whether you have lived in Canada long enough to apply for citizenship. If this is the c...

You are students of French as a second language, beginner, intermediate and advanced, and you want to immigrate to Quebec, here is a series of exercises at your disposal to reinforce your knowledge. Y...

This service provides access to an electronic guide that assists eligible Aboriginal students to quickly access the national directory that contains the names of institutions and organizations that of...

This service provides access to a calculator that helps you estimate your application costs. You must select the services for which you want to calculate the fees.

Use the interactive map to get information about a First Nations community, including links to the community website, First Nations Profiles and the Aboriginal Canada Portal.

This service allows you to locate the services offered to newcomers by region. You can find a list of community services and government services.

For those who want to improve their French, discover Quebec, its culture and its values, increase their chances of succeeding in Quebec, this course is designed for you. It will facilitate your adapta...

This service tells you how long it takes CIC to process your requests.

This online service is for people who live in Quebec who do not speak French and who need to have quick access to training, and those who have been living in Quebec for some time, and who wish to perf...

This service is for people who need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to stay in Canada on a temporary basis, such as for sightseeing, visiting a family member or friends, or for business purposes. You ...

This online service is for people who wish to stay in Quebec to study. You can apply for the Quebec Certificate of Acceptance for Studies by downloading the appropriate form.

» 285, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal » 514 864-9191

This service is for people who want to apply for a visa and immigration for someone living abroad. You will find useful information for each type of request: temporary visit, permanent immigration, sp...

A service that allows international students residing in Canada to check whether they must file a Canadian tax return. You should determine your residency status to find out how you will be taxed.

This tool allows you to measure your chances of being selected for immigration to Quebec. This is just a simulation, and gives you a positive or negative opinion on your application.

This tool allows you to measure your chances of being selected for immigration to Quebec. This is just a simulation, and gives you a positive or negative opinion on your application.

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Workshop on Individualistic versus Collectivist Cultures
A workshop designed to help you gain a better understanding of individualistic and collectivist cultures. This understanding will result in a higher ability to nagivate differences between cultures...
Published by » Centre Génération Emploi CGE
Temporary workers and foreign students are now eligible
Benefits apply to most of our services! For more information, please call 514 856-3511
Published by » Centre d'appui aux communautés immigrantes (CACI) CACI
Centre Génération Emploi at Salon de l'immigration et de l'intégration au Québec 2019
On May 29th and 30th, Centre Génération Emploi will be present at Salon de l'immigration et de l'intégration au Québec 2019.  Curious about who we are and what we do? Come and meet us! We'll be...
Published by » Centre Génération Emploi CGE

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Assistant Director
Responsibilities: Under the supervision of the president and executive director, the assistant director ensures management of the administrative activities. She also oversees all activities related to...
Published by » Femmes Autochtones du Québec
Justice and Public Security Coordinator
Job description:   Assist the president and/or executive director of QNW in all dossiers related to justice and public security. Examine the various reports produced and research conducted during the...
Published by » Femmes Autochtones du Québec
Project manager, Logistics and Events
RESPONSIBILITIES: Under the responsibility of the President and the Executive Director.   Ensuring the preparation, organization and logistics (room rental and reservations, accommodation, meals and ...
Published by » Femmes Autochtones du Québec
Consultant - Employment Specialist
JOB SUMMARY As a member of the Orthodox Community Initiative team of Ometz’s Employment department, the Employment Specialist/Business Consultant serves clients from the Montreal Orthodox communities ...
Published by » Agence Ometz

Volunteering (2)

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Teaching assistant (TA) Children class- Volunteer Opportunity
The Leonardo da Vinci Centre is proud to offer a host of services for all ages. We offer the volunteering opportunity to students who want more experience in the teaching field. Description Saturday f...
Published by » Centre Communautaire Leonardo Da Vinci (CLDV)
Centre Multi-Écoute3600, ave Barclay, suite 460Montréal (Québec) H3S 1K5Téléphone : (514) 737-3604Télécopieur : (514) 737-5631 Veuillez nous appeler au (514) 737-3604 pour plus d'informations.Nos heur...
Published by » Centre d’écoute et de référence Multi-Écoute

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Atelier sur les cultures individualistes versus collectivistes
A workshop designed to help you gain a better understanding of individualistic and collectivist cultures. This understanding will result in a higher ability to navigate differences between cultures...
Centre Génération Emploi CGE

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Drop-in Community worker
tuesday 17th of september 2019
Published by: Projet P.A.L.
Agent bilingue ventes et service clientèle-Centre d'appel
thursday 12th of september 2019
Published by: Air Canada
Le/la directeur/trice général/e
wednesday 11th of september 2019
Published by: Centre communautaire Dawson
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