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Équiterre's mission is to help build a social movement by encouraging citizens, organizations and governments to make ecological, equitable and united choices.

» 50, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest Montréal » 514-522-2000

The mission of the Montreal School Board Foundation is to mobilize the community to fund additional activities for all students in its territory.

» 3737 rue Sherbrooke Est Montréal » 514 596-6000

The PME MTL network aims to offer a range of professional services accessible to private and social economy entrepreneurs located on the island of Montreal. Leading players in the startup support a...

» 6224, rue St-Hubert Montréal » 514-723-0030

Renaissance is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the social and professional integration of people who find it difficult to enter the labor market while encouraging everyone to ...

» 7250, boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal » 514 276-3626
» 1460, rue Jarry Est Montréal » 438-384-4693
» 1148, chemin de Chambly Longueuil » 450-396-3411
» 981, boulevard d'Auteuil Laval » (450) 936-1477
» 9192, Rue Sherbrooke Est Montréal » (438) 936-1477
» 1855 - 1903, boulevard René Laennec Laval » 579-631-3161
» 42B, boulevard Saint-Charles Beaconsfield » 514 426-4765
» 1244, avenue Beaumont Ville Mont-Royal » 514 737-0302
» 5872, rue Bélanger Montréal » 438 387-3217
» 570, boulevard Jacques-Bizard Île Bizard » 514 626-8741
» 1083, boulevard Curé-Labelle, local 107 Blainville » 450 818-5977
» 6002, rue Sherbrooke Est Montréal » 514 256-4764
» 2590, chemin de Chambly Longueuil » 450 396-4853
» 2770, boulevard de la Concorde Est Laval » 450 668-2555
» 6700, chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges, local 205 Montréal » 514 733-6330
» 6250, boulevard Cousineau Saint-Hubert » 579 723-1094
» 1495, rue de l'Église Saint-Laurent » 514 747-2635
» 5140, boulevard des Laurentides Laval » 450 628-1367
» 707, chemin du Bord-du-Lac Dorval » 514 636-4746
» 381, boulevard des Laurentides Laval » 450 663-8060
» 2407, rue Fleury Est Montréal » 514 384-3743
» 5500, boulevard Henri-Bourassa Est Montréal » 438 387-3971
» 750, chemin du Golf Verdun » 514 768-9835
» 106, boulevard Don-Quichotte Île-Perrot » 514 901-0606
» 1263, boulevard Jolibourg, suite 111 Laval » 450 314-4831
» 9105, rue Lajeunesse Montréal » 514 276-3626
» 8459, boulevard Newman LaSalle » 514 367-4746
» 3200, rue Masson Montréal » 514 376-8836
» 4001, boulevard Décarie Montréal » 514 486-0185
» 2030, boulevard Pie-IX Montréal » 514 227-2841
» 14891, boulevard de Pierrefonds Pierrefonds » 514 696-4961
» 1318, avenue du Mont-Royal Est Montréal » 514 528-9909
» 1530, boulevard Saint-Jean-Baptiste Montréal » 514 640-0245
» 1615, chemin du Fer-à-Cheval Sainte-Julie » 450 338-1158
» 6960, rue Saint-Hubert Montréal » 514 274-9666
» 7205, rue Saint-Jacques Montréal » 514 484-0145
» 423, avenue Victoria Saint-Lambert » 450 465-4764
» 7250, boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal » 514 906-0804
» 4261, rue Wellington Verdun » 514 766-5059
» 5900, rue Ferrier Montréal » 514 904-2737

Ville en vert's mission is to educate, educate, and support both citizens and organizations in sustainable development, primarily in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough. Through its innovative and commi...

» 10416, rue Lajeunesse Montréal » 514 447-6226
» 5765, Boulevard Gouin Ouest Montréal » 514 447-6226

YQQ is doing environmental interventions with the community. The purpose of these interventions is to provide citizens with sustainable and collective environmental services. The values ​​advocated by...

» 6711, rue de Marseille Montréal » 514 254-2626

Our mission is to research and take action to prevent and stop serious violations of civil, political, social, cultural and economic rights.

Ensure the long-term sustainability of Île-Bizard's green spaces, including nature parks, agricultural lands and other green areas, by supporting their protection and enhancement for the benefit of al...

The Mission of the Environmental Health Association of Québec (EHAQ) is: To provide and operate low–rental residential accommodation and incidental facilities exclusively for persons of all age...

» CP 364 Saint-Sauveur » 514 332 4320

Recycling plastics sorting workshop in Quebec, ATMPRQ is a social economy enterprise working in the field of the environment and specializing in the recycling of plastics from commercial and industria...

» 3405 boulevard Industriel Laval » 450-667-5347

ATSA is a non-profit organization that creates works of urban intervention that reflect social, environmental and heritage aberrations.

» 4430 rue Drolet Montréal » (514) 844-9830

The Center-Sud Food Crossroads works to improve access to healthy food for all and supports the development of a local, ecological and supportive food system. It brings together two complementary orga...

» 2349 rue de Rouen Montréal » 514-525-6611
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Online government (30)

This online service provides access to a directory of boil water advisories and non-consumption reports sent to the Ministry by municipal water system operators. These opinions are classified by admin...

This online service makes it possible to consult the list of lakes and watercourses affected by a water bloom from 2004 to 2010. You can consult them either by region, by municipality, by watershed, o...

This service calculates the magnetic declination. To do so, simply enter the latitude and longitude or choose a city.

This calculator estimates annual emissions from personal, utility and transit vehicles. It estimates the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and criteria air contaminants (CACs) emitted by the drivin...

You can access the list of publications alphabetically or by category of documents using this service.

This service makes it possible to order free publications related to the environment.

This service offers a form to complete to indicate the presence of bloom of blue-green algae in a body of water.

This service allows you to compare the fuel consumption of different makes and models for a particular automobile year. This will help you select the most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets your daily ...

This online service allows the sending, receiving and processing of inquiries related to the environment via email.

List of services offered by Environment Canada. You will find among other services, the Canadian hurricane prevention center, etc.

This online service gives access to a directory that allows to know the bacteriological quality of the bathing waters of the beaches participating in the Environment-Beach program.

This service allows you to access electronic forms and files concerning grants.

This service offers you the possibility to consult the directory of subsidized research.

This service allows you to access the search engine in the searchers directory.

This interactive calculator can help you calculate reductions in fuel consumption, costs and emissions that can be achieved by reducing unnecessary vehicle idling.

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Measures to put in place a fragrance or perfume-free policy in all health-care facilities in Québec
Saint-Sauveur, February 13, 2020. The Environmental Health Association of Québec has a petition hosted at the National Assembly of Québec asking the Government of Québec to take all the necessary...
Published by » L'Association pour la santé environnementale du Québec ASEQ-EHAQ

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Shopping at Renaissance at Place Portobello - Yes, it's possible!
Place Portobello has reopened and your Renaissance thrift store is ready to welcome you! Come and find clothes, shoes, books, fashion accessories, at low prices and without taxes! The ideal way to...
Published by » Renaissance
Reopening of the Employment Resource Centres
Need help finding a job? Visit one of our four (4) Renaissance Employment Resource Centres. You will have access to numerous counseling and job search service, free of charge. Opening hours without...
Published by » Renaissance

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