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Hiring and starting employment: Interest in the objectives of the company

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My employer gave me a document describing the company's mission, its history, its ways of doing things ... Am I really obliged to read that?

Obliged? No. But reading this document would be a good way to start adapting to the culture of the company that hires you.

Every company, every organization, every working group has its own values, its rules, its habits.

I already had a boss who was constantly making bad decisions, and I did not hesitate to tell him and suggest my ideas. I was right to do that, right?

Yes and no: it all depends on how you do it! In terms of suggestions, everything is in the way ... If your boss or a colleague feels insulted or humiliated by your suggestions, they may be ignored, even if they were good at first.

Some employers are very appreciative of an employee making suggestions, communicating their ideas. Others, on the other hand, see this as a challenge to their authority, especially at the beginning, when the employee has just been hired and does not yet know all the workings of the company.

Take your time before making your suggestions. Observe the operation of the company first. Adapt to its culture. If you decide to go ahead, make suggestions to your supervisor privately, making sure that he will not be insulted. And above all, do not be insulted yourself if he refuses your ideas! Do not forget that your job is to execute the mandate that he entrusts to you - not the opposite!

There are other ways to contribute to the advancement of the company through constructive feedback: use of a suggestion box, meeting with your union representative or a colleague of human resources, etc. Every business is different and every case is different. Think carefully before deciding what to do.

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