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Hiring and starting employment: I want to work in a safe environment

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Are the environment and equipment provided by my employer adequate in terms of health and safety at work?

As an employee, you are entitled to expect to obtain from your employer working conditions that preserve your health and safety at work.

For more information, read What are your rights and obligations? on the CSST website.

If my employer asks me to do work that I think is dangerous for me or someone else, can I refuse to do it?

By law, a worker has the right to refuse to perform work that poses a danger to himself or another person. He can not exercise this right if the refusal jeopardizes the life, health or physical integrity of another person (eg a firefighter on duty). He must immediately notify his superior (or a representative of the employer), and give him the reasons for his refusal to work. It must remain available at the workplace to perform other tasks, if necessary.

To learn more, read What do you know about the right of refusal? on the CSST website.

If I have to wear a particular uniform or clothing, who will pay?

In the event that the employee may be required to pay for the purchase, use or maintenance of a particular item of clothing, it can not have the effect that the employee receives less than the minimum wage.

In all cases, when an employer requires the wearing of a particular garment, he must provide it free of charge to the employee paid at the minimum wage.

If this particular garment identifies the employee as being an employee of his establishment (eg logo garment), the employer must then provide this garment free of charge to the employee. In addition, the employer can not require an employee to buy clothing or accessories that he sells.

See Special clothing for more information.

Who will provide the equipment, equipment, etc.?

When the employer requires the employee to use material, equipment, raw materials or goods for the performance of a contract, he must provide them free of charge to the employee paid the minimum wage.

In addition, he may not require an employee to pay for the purchase, use or maintenance of these items, which would result in the employee receiving less than the minimum wage.

See Using Equipment, Equipment, or Merchandise for more information.

Am I entitled to a workspace, office or other? Will I have a locker or other place to store my belongings?

Nothing like clarifying from the start what will be your personal space. This avoids misunderstandings with your employer, but also with your future colleagues.

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