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The digger wasps, an insect that lives in sandboxes but is not dangerous

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Wasps like no other ...

Many of you have noticed, on hot summer days, the presence of wasps zigzagging on the surface of the sand. Some land to dig and disappear under the sand in a few moments. These are the digger wasps also called "sand wasps".

They are not dangerous

Although they like to gather, the digger wasps do not form a colony. The risk of being stung is present, but remains very low. Indeed, everything tells us that these wasps are not aggressive and they try to avoid us, even when we disturb them. No incidents have yet been reported about them. Since 2008, specialists from the City of Montreal have been studying these insects in order to develop means that respect human health and the environment so that they are less numerous in the playgrounds.

Useful insects!

digger wasps are useful because they help us eliminate unwanted insects like flies and bed bugs. It is estimated that a female can hunt several thousand per year to feed her offspring! In addition, these wasps pollinate the flowers of parks and gardens and are part of the biodiversity that must be protected.

To find out more about the digger wasps and the preventive and population control measures put forth by the City of Montreal, visit the website:

Source : Ville de Montréal

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