thursday 4th of may 2023

why you must a video for your project?

Published by : Productions BB

For several reasons, because a video is much more watched than a simple photo, many statistics for this purpose. Because you can see from many angles, what you have to offer, this in motion!

And because companies like this we trust: Here is an overview of what we have already created for certain companies and associations such as the Canadian Cancer Society.

The links:

1. Our corporate video with the voice of Alain Dumas. Youtube video of our company Our Advertising on Youtube

Productions BB

2. Friendly Thank You Video Product video for Marianne Simard

3. Numerous videos to announce the Facebook lives of DG Canin, a dog training company in the Laurentians. One of the videos we produced for DG Canin

4. Promotional poster for a company on the south shore, for massage therapy sessions. One of the videos produced for JB Massage en route

5. A video for St-Viateur Bagel Anjou. A video for St-Viateur Bagel Anjou in 4K

6. We often film the neighborhoods we visit, here is an example. Visit of different cities and neighborhoods of Quebec and the Montreal region

7. Give visibility to certain organizations such as:

Cartoon Video

8. We also sometimes spontaneously cover tragedies like this or it can also be good news like in the following video: Montreal East Fire

9. Good news: Road signalman Montreal

Road singalwomen Montreal

So, for video production, video editing, photo editing, 3D Logo animation, announcing a special event, discovering new places or presenting your services, funeral home video, birth, wedding, birthday and more...

We are here for you!

Call us or write to us to have your own video or poster:


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