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The YMCAs of Quebec is a charitable organization whose mission is to build stronger communities by providing opportunities for growth and active, healthy and committed life for all.

» 1435 Rue Drummond Montréal » 514-849-5331
» 1440 Rue Stanley Montréal » 514-849-8393
» 5550 avenue Du Parc Montréal » 514-271-9622‎
» 200 Rene-Levesque Ouest Montréal » 514-845-4277
» 4567 rue Hochelaga Montréal » 514-255-4651
» 4335 Hampton Montréal » 514-486-7315‎
» 255 avenue Ash Montréal » 514-935-4711
» 1745 Decarie Montréal » 514-747-9801‎

Atelier 850 has a global mission to reduce the effects of poverty on children in Little Burgundy and around Montreal, offering activities of educational, artistic, cultural, recreational and social in...

» 810, rue Chatham Montréal » 438-380-0667

The Carrefour is a living environment, a place of learning, reflection, information, discussion and exchange to individually and collectively improve our living conditions. It works to develop a democ...

» 2356 rue Centre Montréal » 514-596-4444

In keeping with its past, Tyndale St-Georges Community Center continues to work as a non-profit charitable organization, providing services to more than 2,000 members of the Little Burgundy community ...

» 870, carré Richmond Montréal » 514-931-6265

The CARD Success and Development Center is a non-profit community organization working for the success and development of young people in Southwest Montreal. Its creation stems from an observation on ...

» 3225 des Trinitaires Montréal » 514-759-6366

Develop popular education activities aimed at improving the living conditions of the population of southwestern Montreal.

» 2515, rue Delisle Montréal » 514-596-4422

Improve the situation of young people in difficulty on a personal, social and professional level through multimedia. The achievement of this mission relies on multimedia as a motivational tool. It is ...

» 20, rue Queen Montréal » 514 861-7700

Basic Training for the Development of the Workforce (FBDM) has for mission to develop the basic skills of people in employment, unemployed persons or in process of insertion in employment. Because of ...

» 1945 rue Mullins Montréal » 514-846-3223

The GALT is a non-profit organization active in the Ville Émard / Côte St-Paul district since 2008. Our mission is to fight against social isolation and poverty while preventing certain difficulties a...

» 1946, rue Galt Montréal » 514-678-8198

The main purpose of Les Scientifines is to promote the science and technology (S & T) to young girls from socioeconomic backgrounds disadvantaged to enable them to develop various skills of life an...

» 525 Dominion Montréal » 514 938-3576

La Source Educational Community is a community-based educational support organization. Its mission is to contribute to the development of young people in disadvantaged areas. The general objective of ...

» 75, Sir-Georges-Étienne-Cartier Montréal » 514-931-4089

Promote nutrition and culinary education, and promote the development of networks through food to school and student customers, their families mainly in impoverished environments

» 1945, Mullins Montréal » 514-931-5031

Our mission is to promote and promote active nonviolence as a personal and collective life choice that can counteract violence in all its forms and build a world of harmony, justice and peace. To prom...

» 1945 Mullins Montréal » 514-272-5012

Since 1985, the CENTER DESIGN & PRINTING TEXTILE, unique in Quebec, is dedicated to the development of a place of expertise in textile design for printing. Knowledge and know-how are passed on through...

» 4710 rue St-Ambroise Montréal » 514-939-2150

The Saint-Paul Center, including its Saint-Henri and Saint-Raymond annexes, is at the heart of the development of South-West Montreal. Its mission is to provide quality education to students aged sixt...

» 4976, rue Notre-Dame Ouest Montréal » (514) 596-4544
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