Organizations (78)

Provide quality home care services at a reasonable cost; Offer services that contribute to improving the quality of life and keeping seniors in their homes; Provide respite services to families or the...

» 3565, Jarry est. Suite 410 Montréal » (514) 278-6767

Assist in the socio-economic integration of immigrants and visible minorities to develop full citizens of the host society.

» 5960 Rue Jean-Talon Est Montréal » 514-723-4939

Tenant Advocacy Group whose mission is to improve the living and housing conditions of tenants of the Borough of Saint-Leonard and develop social housing projects that meet the needs of low-income ten...

» 9089A, boulevard Viau Montréal » 514-251-2874

AQETA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and defend the rights of children and adults with learning disabilities. AQETA represents parents and supports them in their efforts.

» 5960 Jean-Talon Est Montréal » 514-259-3883

The Carrefour des femmes of Saint-Léonard is a place of belonging that promotes the involvement and solidarity of women. It is about personal development and social change.

» 8180 Collerette, local 3 Montréal » 514-325-4910

Through its cultural, artistic, sports and social activities, the Leonardo da Vinci Center's mission is to make the unity of Montreal's Italian community a reality, to encourage exchanges between peop...

» 8370 boul. Lacordaire Montréal » 514-955-8370

The Seniors' Center of the Saint-Léonard support network is a place of mutual support, listening and sharing, whose main mission is to help keep seniors in their natural environment, as long as possib...

» 5555, rue Jean-Talon Est Montréal » 514-326-4116

Artistic Gymnastics for young people from 2 to 16 years old.

» 9010 rue Champ d'Eau St-Léonard » 514-903-9035

A group of citizens, groups and organizations working to improve the well-being of the Léonard community.

» 8180 rue Collerette Montréal » 514-323-1417

Promote the social and economic integration of people aged 18 to 65 in Montreal Develop special ties with employers on the Island of Montreal Build relationships with community and community stakeho...

» 5960, rue Jean-Talon Est Montréal » 514-256-1645

» 6665, Bombardier Saint-Léonard » 5149939128

Youth Centers are youth and adult associations that have volunteered their mission in their community to hold a lively meeting place where young people aged 12 to 17, in contact with adults representa...

» 6185, rue Jarry Est Montréal » 514-327-0185

The Saint-Léonard Family House is a community-based family organization that works to improve the quality of life of families in Saint-Léonard. We offer various activities to break the isolation of fa...

» 8180 rue Collerette Montréal » 514-852-6161

Spinal cord and motor skills Quebec, formerly Paraplegic Association of Quebec / Foundation for spinal cord research, is a non-profit organization that has existed since 1946. Its mission is to promot...

» 6020, rue Jean-Talon Est Montréal » 514-341-7272

-Regroup the organizations working with the various cultural communities in Saint Léonard. -Favor the reduction of social and racial tensions resulting from the cohabitation of various cultural commu...

» 5960 Jean-Talon Est Montréal » 438-930-2353
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Business (1225)

A Low Price Extermination is a company working in pest management. Our goal is to solve your problem and satisfy our customers as efficiently as possible.

» 6950 des Roseraies Montréal » 514-835-4131
» 142 Sinclair Repentigny » 450-654-2700
» 355 Limoges Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines » 450-433-2700

Mechanical engineering technician training and business supervisor for more than 10 years. Since now 8 years I renovate cottages and houses. My versatility combined with my great sense of analysis mak...

» 40 Prieur Ouest Montréal » 514-962-8950

» 9850 av. Lorimier Montreal » 438-383-3116

» 9023 Rue Nobel Montréal » 514-955-4444

» 6670 Rue Bombardier Montréal » 514-852-4445

» 8928 Boul Langelier Montréal » 514-323-9997

» 5630 Rue Jarry E Montréal » (514) 325-4774

» 6002 Boul Des Grandes-Prairies Montréal » 514-325-9486

» 5135 Rue Jean-Talon E Montréal » 514-272-5745

» 6838 Rue Bombardier Montréal » 514-328-9738

» 6245 Boul Metropolitain E Montréal » 514-852-3560

» 6705 Boul Metropolitain E Montréal » 514-329-1881

Improve your health thanks to an effective and safe ancient medicine: anxiety, stress, insomnia, musculoskeletal pain, digestive disorders, allergies, immune system, gynecology, PMS. urinary system, m...

» 5625 Boul Metropolitain E Montréal » 514-362-2872

» 5625 Boul Metropolitain E Montréal » 514-354-8811
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Elected (7)

Mrs. Lili-Anne Tremblay is the elected representative of the citizens of the District of Saint-Léonard-Est on the Council of the borough of Saint-Léonard.

» 8400, boulevard Lacordaire Saint-Léonard » 514 328-8500

Mr. Dominic Perri is the elected representative of the citizens of the Saint-Léonard-Ouest district on the City of Montreal Council.

» 8400, boulevard Lacordaire Montréal » 514 328-8410

Mr. Mario Battista is the elected representative of the citizens of the Saint-Léonard-Ouest district on the Borough Council of Saint-Léonard and the Council of the City of Montreal.

» 8400, boulevard Lacordaire Montréal » 514 328-8410

Mr. Michel Bissonnet is the elected representative of the citizens of the Council of the Borough of Saint-Leonard and the City Council of the City of Montreal as mayor.

» 8400, boulevard Lacordaire Saint-Léonard » 514 328-8410

Patricia R. Lattanzio is the elected representative of the citizens of the Saint-Léonard-Est district on the Borough Council of Saint-Léonard and the Council of the City of Montreal.

» 8400, boulevard Lacordaire Montréal » 514 328-8410

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