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Provide quality home care services at a reasonable cost; Offer services that contribute to improving the quality of life and keeping seniors in their homes; Provide respite services to families or the...

» 3565, Jarry est. Suite 410 Montréal » (514) 278-6767

Founded in 1889, the Old Brewery Mission is the largest resource for homeless men in Quebec and one of the largest resources for homeless women in Canada. The Mission's goal is to help homeless peo...

» 902 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal » 514-866-6591

The Petite-Côte Community Center is a social and community neighborhood living environment. Its mission is to improve the quality of individual, family, economic and social life of residents of Rosem...

» 5675 Rue Lafond Montréal » 514-722-1851

The objective of the Rosemont Housing Committee is to promote and defending the rights of tenants in the neighborhood, improving their living conditions, the promotion and development of the social...

» 5350, Lafond Montréal » 514-597-2581

Companions of Montreal is an innovative, socially and environmentally responsible non-profit organization that provides vibrant and stimulating living, learning and inclusion environments for adults l...

» 6365 De Saint-Vallier Montréal » 514-727-4444

Pregnancy Relief's mission is to provide women with listening, support and information related to pregnancy and all that is related to it in a great respect imposed by its reality, its personal choice...

» 79 Rue Beaubien Est Montréal » 514-271-0554

Provide decent, affordable housing for low-income earners who are primarily residents of the Rosemont neighborhood and those who frequent neighborhood organizations. This is how the Loggia Community H...

» 3950 Bellechasse Montréal » 514-374-9309

- Provide affordable and safe housing for people 50 years of age and over. - Provide housing for low and modest income people, seniors and people with disabilities - Offer services to tenants - Org...

» 2535 Place Pierre-Falardeau Montréal » 514-503-8118

The mission of the Corporation "Habitations les II Volets" is "to develop, implement and administer community housing for seniors aged 65 and over

» 6001 avenue Christophe-Colomb Montréal » 514 279-9292

The mission of Habitations Nouvelles Avenues is to contribute to the maintenance of independence and the maintenance of the community of seniors in the neighborhood by promoting the support of seniors...

» 3950 Rue Beaubien Est Montréal » 514-376-9141

Founded in 1977, La Maison Marguerite de Montréal is a residential center whose mission is to house, feed and help by all means possible single women, 18 years or older, homeless, without money and in...

» CSP Saint-Denis, C.P. 60116 Montréal » 514-932-2250Create a blog

Welcome, host, temporarily mentor women in difficulty to promote their social reintegration.

» Montréal » 514-722-0009Create a blog

Augustine-Gonzalez Supervised Apartments provide an integration service to the community for young mothers in trouble and their baby.

» 6000, rue de La Roche Montréal » 514-722-1125

» 6555, rue de Pontoise Montréal » 514 254-3551

The Housing Committee of La Petite-Patrie's mandate is to inform, educate, defend and represent tenants of the Petite-Patrie neighborhood on all matters relating to housing and development.

» 6839-A, rue Drolet Montréal » 514-272-9006
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