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The mission of the Montreal School Board Foundation is to mobilize the community to fund additional activities for all students in its territory.

» 3737 rue Sherbrooke Est Montréal » 514 596-6000

Founded in 1889, the Old Brewery Mission is the largest resource for homeless men in Quebec and one of the largest resources for homeless women in Canada. The Mission's goal is to help homeless peo...

» 915 Rue Clark Montréal » 514-866-6591

Our mission is to develop the potential of people in a healthy workplace.

» 40 Rue Chapleau Ste-Agathe des Monts » 514 346-8926

Promoter of volunteer and community action, Accès Bénévolat has been volunteering and helping the Montreal East community for more than forty years. It relies on a network of more than 300 organizatio...

» 2544, boulevard Rosemont Montréal » 514-523-6599

The Petite-Côte Community Center is a social and community neighborhood living environment. Its mission is to improve the quality of individual, family, economic and social life of residents of Rosem...

» 5675 Rue Lafond Montréal » 514-722-1851

The CRAC in La Petite-Patrie is an organization that fights against poverty. Through its activities in food security and its fight against food waste, it contributes to the improvement of the living c...

» 6839 Rue Drolet Montréal » 514-277-4993

ÉPAULER Quebec communities in developing their ability to MOBILIZE to imagine and build their future; A MORE INCLUSIVE FUTURE FOR ALL.

» 4050 rue Molson Montréal » 514-388-1110

Écho des femmes from Petite Patrie is a day center which is aimed at all women, regardless of their age, marital status, origin, religion or orientation sexual. Born of the need of the women ...

» 6032, rue Saint-Hubert Montréal » 514-277-7445

» 5425 Rue de Bordeaux Montréal » 514-526-5437

Pregnancy Relief's mission is to provide women with listening, support and information related to pregnancy and all that is related to it in a great respect imposed by its reality, its personal choice...

» 79 Rue Beaubien Est Montréal » 514-271-0554

The main objective of the Assistance Group is to break the isolation and the wall of silence surrounding people living or having experienced such situations and to raise awareness about the problem of...

» 2231 Rue Bélanger Montréal » 514-526-0789

Founded in 1977, La Maison Marguerite de Montréal is a residential center whose mission is to house, feed and help by all means possible single women, 18 years or older, homeless, without money and in...

» CSP Saint-Denis, C.P. 60116 Montréal » 514-932-2250Create a blog

Our mission is to provide activities and support services in the community to meet the needs of people 18 years of age and older, living with a permanent or temporary loss of independence related to a...

» 6240 avenue Christophe-Colomb Montréal » 514 273-0560

Suicide Action Montreal's mission is to prevent suicide and its serious impacts by offering quality services to suicidal people, their entourage and the people who work with them. To do this, SAM reli...

» Montréal » 514-723-4000

TRANSITION CENTER-SOUTH it is a center of services in adult delinquency whose mission is: • offer its clientele, mainly male adults, ways to avoid the use of delinquent behavior and integrate ha...

» 1819, boul. Rosemont Montréal » (514) 270-6633
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