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Promote the history and heritage of Pointe-aux-Trembles. -Veille conservation and enhancement of our heritage -Support organizations and individuals interested in local history -Constitute cartograph...

» 12125, rue Notre-Dame Est Montréal » 514 645-4519

» 14 001, rue Notre-Dame Est Montréal » 514 872-6987

» 9001, boulevard Perras Montréal » 514 872-9425

A charitable organization registered and established in 1998, the Espace 7000 Education Center's mission is to provide the community with quality services accessible through music education.

» 7000 rue Marie-Victorin Montréal » 514-328-3817

Like all other houses of culture, entry to these various performances is free upon presentation of proof of residence of the district.

» 14001, rue Notre-Dame Est Montréal » 514-872-2240

The mission of Rivière-des-Prairies and Pointe-aux-Trembles is to promote access to culture for all, by bringing citizens into contact with cultural and professional events in all its forms. The cultu...

» 8000, boulevard Gouin Est Montréal » 514 872-9814

The Rivière-des-Prairies Historical Society, founded in 1993, is mandated to promote the history and heritage of this area from the earliest land grants to 17th century settlers to the present day.

» 9140, boul. Perras Montréal »

The Society for the Promotion of the Benefits of Music Learning (SOBAM) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the physiological, psychological and sociological benefits of learning ...

» 11 863, rue Notre-Dame Est Montréal » 514-781-7120

Non-profit amateur theater troupe with mission to make the theater known and accessible to residents of East Montreal at the best possible cost.

» 12125 Rue Notre-Dame Est Montréal » 514-642-0405

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