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The Quebec Association Plaidoyer-Victimes is a association for the defense of victims' interests and rights of crime.

» 8615 boul. St-Laurent Montréal » 5145269037

The Carrefour des Petits Soleils is a community organization for families with children 0 to 5 years old.

» 5115 Rue Rivard Montréal » 514-270-5471

The Confederation of Family Organizations in Quebec is mission to defend, support and be the spokesperson for families and their mind-oriented society project and prevention.

» 3965, rue Ste-Catherine Est Montréal » 5145214777

Provide a pleasant home environment for children and convenient for families.

» 4240, rue Drolet Montréal »

Provide support to neighborhood families through an educational drop-in center and activities for parents of children 0-5 years old.

» 1901 Rue Gilford Montréal » 514-527-4828

Sun Youth has been taking care of people for more than 60 years by providing to individuals and families in need a range of emergency services that ensure their basic needs and maintain their integrit...

» 6700, avenue Du Parc Montréal » 514-842-6822

The House of Aurora is a center of regrouping and action Community. Its mission is to welcome, gather and accompany the citizens of Plateau-Mont-Royal to improve their living conditions and their env...

» 4816 Rue Garnier Montréal » 514-527-9075

Promote the social integration of the person and develop the spirit of mutual aid and community involvement

» 120 avenue Duluth Est Montreal » 514-843-4356

The Regroupement of Early Childhood Centers on the Island of Montreal (RCPEÎM) is a non-profit corporation that has Its mission is to promote educational, non-profit, quality, accessible and diversi...

» 4321 Avenue Papineau Montréal » 514-528-1442

The ROCAJQ brings together nearly 57 independent youth community organizations representing more than 300,000 young people from all over the province. It promotes and develops the global community app...

» 3736, rue St-Hubert Montréal » 514-388-7942

The St. Louis Multi-Ethnic Center Reception Service offers bilingual after-school care to FACE school children aged 5 to 12 and those living in the Milton-Parc district

» 3555, rue St-Urbain Montréal » 514-282-7710

Make available, primarily to young people and families from all walks of life, holiday programs that promote social and personal development from an ecological perspective.

» 150 rue Grant Longueuil » 450-679-5017
» 180, chemin Jean-Jeune Vendée »

Our mission is to provide support and assistance to individuals and families in difficulty, including victims of domestic and family violence, as well as support in making representations to the appro...

» 3861, Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal » (514) 982-0804

The Alexis le Trotteur Early Years Center offers a daycare service in a family setting.

» 5611 Rue Clark Montréal » 514-270-6826

The Bais Yoel Early Childhood Center offers a service of home and facility care.

» 1209 Avenue Bernard Outremont » 514-272-5157
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» 1497 boul. Saint-Joseph est Montréal » 514-522-3195

» 5192, Saint-Denis Montréal » (514) 246-1362

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Our Hornets Football teams are recruiting
Join the Sun Youth family! All our football coaches have received training recognized by the Quebec Amateur Football Federation. Following a strict protocol, our coaches ensure daily compliance...
Published by » Jeunesse au Soleil/Sun Youth Organization

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