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The Montreal-North Neighborhood Table (TQMN) is an intersectoral and multi-network table. Through its inclusive and democratic approach, it contributes to improving the quality and living conditions o...

» 12004 Rolland Montréal » 514-328-4000

An Accorderie is a service exchange system that brings together all those interested in exchanging services such as computer troubleshooting, text translation, transport, training, assistance with a d...

» 11460, Avenue Pelletier Montréal » (514) 759-0697

» 4243, rue de Charleroi Montréal » 311

The mission of 9152 Montreal North Council is to maintain and to improve the quality of life of its members and the community by its different activities.

» 10680 Avenue Larose Montréal » 514-898-9541

The borough provides the residents with a hundred parcels of land 15 feet x 15 feet for gardening. The community garden is located on boulevard Gouin at the corner of boulevard Pie-IX.

» » 514 328-4000

To provide young people from all cultural backgrounds with a safe climate and a stimulating environment in sports, recreation, culture and academic and social success.

» 6425, boul. Léger, local SS04 Montréal » 514-327-0446

The neighborhood police have a mandate to maintain peace, order and public security, as well as to prevent crime and crime, to seek the perpetrators and to bring them to justice.

» 6100, boul. Henri-Bourassa Est Montréal » 514-280-0139

The Montreal-North Youth Round Table brings together organizations involved with young people aged 6 to 35 in Montreal North. It aims to identify, promote and defend the issues and youth orientations ...

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