La Table de concertation en sécurité alimentaire de Villeray TCSAV

660, rue Villeray, Montréal, Québec, H2R 1J1

Phone 514 279-0117


The Table de concertation en sécurité alimentaire de Villeray (TCSAV) is a local consultation whose mission is to: - Gather organizations or people concerned about the issues of hunger and poverty that occur in the territory covered by CLSC Villeray. - Promote the emergence of concerted initiatives geared towards food self-sufficiency.


  The TCSAV has a collective and participative management method for coordinating, deciding and organizing, which assumes that all members participate actively in the various working committees (food aid project committee, funding committee, Christmas Shop-Sharing Committee and Back-to-School Shop-Sharing Committee).

Main activities :

  • Hold monthly meetings of the Table de Concertation;
  • Ensure representation in the concert halls of the Villeray district;
    • Coordinate the organization of the Back-to-School and Christmas Sharing Stores;
    • Coordinate, jointly, with the Solidarités Villeray Community Council, the operation of the Villeray food counter activities;
  • Initiate or support joint actions that ensure the continuity of the food counter.

Members :

  • Borough of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension
  • Community Council Solidarités Villeray
  • The House of Grandparents Villeray
  • District house Villeray
  • Youth motivation
  • Street pact
  • Social Pastoral Villeray
  • Patro Le Prevost
  • Healthy living in the heart of Villeray


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