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2544, boulevard Rosemont, Montréal, Québec, H1Y 1K4

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How to go there ?Ligne orange : Métro Rosemont, autobus 197 est, descendre à la rue D’Iberville. Ligne verte : Métro Langelier, autobus 197 ouest, descendre à la rue D’Iberville. Ligne bleue : Métro D'Iberville, autobus 94 vers du Havre/Sainte-Catherine, descendre au boulevard Rosemont.

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Promoter of volunteer and community action, Accès Bénévolat has been volunteering and helping the Montreal East community for more than forty years. It relies on a network of more than 300 organizations with a social or humanitarian mission and more than a thousand volunteers each year. Accès Bénévolat recruits, advises and guides, depending on their interests, availability and capabilities, aspiring volunteers to organizations with a social and humanitarian mission who need their services. Accès Bénévolat also offers people with low-income independence a volunteer accompaniment service to their medical appointments in response to the request of CLSCs and community organizations in its territory.


Volunteer services include hospitality and information, orientation and follow-up in action to foster positive and lasting engagement. Accès Bénévolat also provides a reorientation service for volunteers who wish to continue their commitment and carry out new experiences.

Organizational services include needs analysis, recruitment, selection and referral of volunteers, and volunteer management advice.

Accès Bénévolat carries out a personalized follow-up with the referred volunteers and the host organizations to ensure that the match matches everyone's expectations.

Types of volunteer activities

  • Regular activities require a continuous commitment, for example a commitment of 3 months for 3 to 4 hours per week with the same organization.
  • Occasional activities take place at a specific date and time and require a four-hour, one-day participation. The volunteer has access to a variety of tasks and organizations.
  • Holiday Season activities, such as gift wrapping, Christmas tree stripping, meal service, friendly tours, Christmas baskets, are short-term and are held between November and January.


Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

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