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The Quebec Association for the Defense of the Rights of Retired and Pre-Retired Persons "AQDR" has the exclusive mission of defending the cultural, economic, political and social rights of retired per...

» 9140 boul. Perras Montréal » 514-643-0930

Defend and promote the rights of retirees and seniors; develop, study, promote, defend the cultural, social and economic interests and rights of its members, respect the principles of equality, rights...

» 8550 Pie IX Montréal » 514 666-6969

The mission of A.Q.D.R. St-Michel is the collective defense of the rights of retired and pre-retired people in the St-Michel district. In this spirit, the goals of the association are to bring togethe...

Founded in 1937 and the first volunteer center in Canada, the Montreal Volunteer Center (VAB) is dedicated to promoting volunteerism in the community. It offers volunteer recruitment and referral s...

» 2015, rue Drummond Montréal » 514-842-3351

The main mission of CACI is to support, on the one hand, newcomers in their installation process, as well as all immigrant communities in their process of integration into the host society and secondl...

» 12049, boulevard Laurentien Montréal » 514-856-3511

PRESALE, an initiative of the Berthiaume-Du Tremblay Foundation, is an organization dedicated to community development in the seniors sector in Quebec. It provides advisory services and financial supp...

» 5800 R, rue Saint-Denis Montréal » 514-600-4223

The Réseau FADOQ is made up of affiliated organizations. Its mission is to bring together people aged 50 and over and to represent them before the bodies requiring recognition of their rights and need...

» 7537 rue St-Hubert Montréal » 5142711411

Maison CACI is a non-profit housing organization (NPO) whose mission is to rent residential units to people from both immigration and the host society. It is, however, a project promoting the sustaina...

» 4770, rue de Salaberry Montréal » 514 856-3511

» 20, Robinsdale Pointe-claire » 514 697-6223

» 3, Carré Cummings Montréal » 514-342-1234

The Association brings together retired executive members from the primary, secondary and adult sectors, as well as the executives of the former Commission des Écoles Catholiques de Montréal (CECM), t...

» 5565, rue Sherbrooke Est Montréal » 514-596-5156

» 791, rue Jarry E Montréal » 514-872-7931

The Association of Retired Persons of the AWF, which has been in existence since April 12, 2010, has a mission to defend and promote the rights of retired and senior citizens; to study, promote, devel...

» 8550, boulevard Pie-IX Montreal » 514 666-6969
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Mortgage Residential, Multi-Home and Commercial - Private Loan - 60-Day Announcement - Pret Construction

» 8925 Bl. St-Laurent Montreal » 514-312-0130

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Forms required for requests for access to Pension and Insurance Administration Commission documents and the protection of personal information

Form required to authorize the Administrative Pension and Insurance Commission (CARRA) to disclose personal information to a natural person for a representation.

This form from the Administrative Commission for Retirement and Insurance Plans (CARRA) is intended for a spouse who wishes to waive his rights as a spouse of an active or non-active member or a pensi...

This form makes it possible to determine the payment or not of installments and to calculate the amount.

List of forms necessary for any application to CARRA related to the annual return.

List of forms necessary for any application to CARRA, related to the death.

List of online services related to the Québec Pension Plan: LIF Express Calculations, consultation of the list of LIRAs and LIFs available on the market, etc.

This return must be given by an individual (employee or beneficiary) to his or her employer (or the payer) so that the employer can determine the source deductions code.

Form required for an application for eligibility for phased retirement.

This form is for an individual who wishes to claim an increase in the amount of withholding tax that is normally provided for or who wishes to change or cancel a previous application for an additional...

Form required to apply for a state of participation

Forms necessary for any request made to CARRA about terminal illnesses

Veterans' online service for safe communication with the Ministry. You will be able to update your address, your telephone number, your e-mail address, Apply for new disability benefits online, inform...

This tool makes it possible to estimate, for a month, the amount to which a person could be entitled if he or she requests advance payments of the tax credit for home-support services for an elderly p...

This service allows family mediators, pension plan administrators, legal, actuarial and financial services professionals to assess their theoretical and practical knowledge on the division of rights o...

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Temporary workers and foreign students are now eligible
Benefits apply to most of our services! For more information, please call 514 856-3511
Published by » Le Centre d'appui aux communautés immigrantes (CACI) CACI

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Francisation course
The French course winter session will take place from January 11 to March 28, 2021. Since the number of places is limited and registeration is on a frist-come first served basis, we encourage you to r...
Published by » Le Centre d'appui aux communautés immigrantes (CACI) CACI

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Caseworker - Housing Program for indigenous women
thursday 14th of january 2021
Published by: Chez Doris
Travailleuse de soutien en maison d’hébergement
wednesday 13th of january 2021
Published by: Auberge Shalom pour femmes
Assistant(e) des Paniers d'Hiver du Marché Bonne Bouffe
monday 11th of january 2021
Published by: The Depot Community Food Centre
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