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The Quebec Network for Voluntary Simplicity is a non-profit organization that brings together people who want to live and promote voluntary simplicity as a way to improve their own lives and help build a more just and sustainable society.


The following three Rs summarize the current action of the Network:

  • Reflection: Deepening issues related to voluntary simplicity, training of resource persons;
  • Networking: Connecting interested persons, voluntary simplicity groups and other organizations to parent missions; support for voluntary simplicity groups;
  • Radiation: Website, Simpli-Cité newsletter, media response, speakers and presenters, book distribution, etc.

To achieve its objectives, and with the aim of serving its members and the community in all regions of Quebec, the RQSV will favor the following means of action:

  • connecting and supporting people interested in getting together;
  • meetings between members and interested persons (local or regional groups, symposiums, specialized sessions, etc.);
  • support for concrete experiences to put into practice various aspects of voluntary simplicity;
    broad dissemination of information (website, newsletter, conferences, media, etc.);
  • the creation of a bank of resources available to the community (documentation, resource persons, expertise, reference service, etc.);
  • research and reflection on experiences, but also on the possibilities and ramifications of voluntary simplicity for individuals and communities;
  • the development of links with similar groups or movements in Quebec and elsewhere;
  • occasional group speaking to make the voice of voluntary simplicity heard in the public square;
  • the establishment of appropriate decision-making and management procedures within the RQSV (membership, general assemblies, coordinating committee, working groups, etc.) to foster the development of a sense of belonging and active participation in the movement of voluntary simplicity.

Voluntary simplicity is not a controlled appellation. For several years now, the social movement it has designated has won over thousands of people who wish to lead a life in harmony with their needs, values ​​and environment. The Quebec Network for Voluntary Simplicity was founded to support this movement, a vital path towards a more just and sustainable world.


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