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The Network for Sustainable Food, a non-profit organization, is a pan-Canadian, bilingual alliance of organizations and individuals working together to advance food security and food sovereignty through three inter-related goals: eradicating hunger, promote healthy and wholesome food, support the establishment of a sustainable food system.


The Network for Sustainable Food is committed to:

Eradicate hunger. At all times, everyone must be able to obtain, in a dignified manner, an adequate intake of culturally and personally acceptable foods.

Support the establishment of a sustainable food system. The production and consumption of food in Canada (harvest, processing and distribution, including fishing and the collection of other wild foods) must preserve and improve the quality of soil, air and water for generations future, in addition to enabling people working in the food system to earn an adequate living.

Promote healthy and wholesome food. Safe and nutritious food free of pathogens and industrial chemicals must be available. No new food (genetically modified organisms - GMOs) should take the path of the food system without being tested and monitored independently.

Our way of doing things

Based on the People's Food Policy and various community food practices, we work with our members to achieve food sovereignty and to change our food system in a sustainable way. We:

  1. represent a dynamic and accessible information hub that encourages food policy debates;
  2. support dynamic networks to facilitate research and foster learning and collaboration for food projects and campaigns;
  3. advocate for food policies at the federal level that reflect the priorities of the Canadian food movement.


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