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How to go there ?Métro Parc. Situé au sous-sol du Complexe William-Hingston. Entouré de la bibliothèque municipale, de la Maison de la Culture Villeray-St-Michel-Parc-Extension, de la piscine St-Roch, d'un centre de la petite enfance, d'une école primaire et d'une panoplie d'organismes, PEYO est au coeur d'un environnement hautement communautaire.

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The mission of PEYO is to contribute to the improvement of quality of life for residents of the Parc-Extension neighborhood in offering, especially to young people and their families, directly and in collaboration with others, services and social, economic, cultural and sports activities, and regardless of their status, ethnicity, religion, language and socio-economic condition.


Activities for 6 to 15 years

  • Extra- curricular activities (dance, music, computer, etc.) and dinner-time activities are offered in partnership with local elementary schools (Barthelemy-Vimont Mère and Annexe and Barclay);
  • Sports and recreational activities, including hockey, soccer, family skating and flag football and cricket , are offered;
  • Parc-Extension Explorers , our day camp , receives at very reasonable prices, 300 children during the summer and 100 children during the winter break;
  • Festive events are held during Halloween and Christmas celebrations to entertain children in a safe and fun way;
  • The Art & Tales program offers targeted class children artistic creation workshops. In addition, this program organizes once a month a Wednesday tea that allows, in all simplicity over a cup of tea, to get in touch with one or more speakers. During the school year, these meetings allow teachers, speakers and parents to discuss hot topics ;
  • The psychomotricity program offers the opportunity for 4 to 6 year olds to stretch their legs using specific physical activities. These techniques help the psychomotor system of children to develop especially in terms of balance, inhibition, relaxation, etc. ;
  • Teenagers 13 to 15 years old who want to spend summers and who want to have a motivating work experience with children can become assistant facilitators for Parc-Extension Explorers . Fun to sell in perspective!

Activities for 16 and up / X-Art , your local, your art

  • X-Art , PEYO's new local youth, offers a relaxed and newly renovated environment. It is located behind the St-Roch Pool (400 Ball Street) within the William Hingston Complex;
  • Several activities and services are on the menu: billiards, dance classes, lyric hip hop workshops, cinema, job search club, computer lab, accompaniments, sporadic trips , etc. ;
  • In addition, the team is very open to projects proposed by young people. They will be happy to accompany these young people through the various stages to the realization of a project;
  • It is possible to rent the premises of X-Art . Just ask our reception;

Services for the community

  • The PEYO community kitchen offers a range of services that are all more relevant than the others: - The cafeteria serves continental breakfasts and generous full dinners at ridiculous prices from Monday to Friday between 7:30 am and 1:30 pm; - The kitchen team works hard every day of the week to offer students from participating neighborhood schools nutritious meals as part of the food measure (Plan Pagé); - The " Meals on Wheels " service for people with reduced mobility has been very popular for several years; - The catering service helps to finance the other programs of the organization while offering a quality service at more reasonable prices; - Finally, it is possible to rent the cafeteria for all occasions. Just ask our reception;
  • Once a year, a tax clinic , offered in collaboration with Revenus Québec, Revenues Canada and Parc-Extension CLSC, welcomes low-income households to help them complete their tax returns. This more popular service from year to year is offered at a modest price;
  • Twice a year, in May and November, PEYO , Loisirs du Parc, the Hellenic community of Montreal and Héma-Québec join forces to organize blood drives at the William Hingston Complex. At all times, volunteers eagerly await donors who want to participate in one of the most beautiful citizen actions that exists ;
  • PEYO has a more   cultural which offers citizens opportunities to come together and celebrate, including events such as the Parc-O-fête family festival (June 28, 2008), symbolic walks, Canada Day, National Day, StreetSoundz and other artistic and social events. cultural communities that make up the Parc-Extension neighborhood.

PEYO has made a significant contribution to improving the quality of life of Parc-Extension residents. We estimate that, based on a population of 35,000, PEYO has provided activities and / or services to approximately 18,000 residents / year.

Our interventions also encouraged the neighborhood residents to come closer to the various organizations working collectively to improve the quality of life at Parc-Extension. We will continue to provide much-needed community services and work in partnership with the community and government agencies to ensure they run smoothly.


Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Closed from Christmas Eve to the first Monday after New Year's Day.

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Guylaine Hébert
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Intervenante jeunesse 6-15 ans
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