La Maisonnée

6865 Avenue Christophe-Colomb , Montréal, QC, H2S 2H3 ,

Phone 514-271-3533Fax 514-271-1910

How to go there ?Situé entre les rues Bélanger et Saint-Zotique. Métro Jean-Talon, autobus 95 (2e arrêt), soit métro Beaubien et une petite balade à pieds (4 coins de rue).

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La Maisonnée is an organization whose primary mission is to to make of any citizen, old, new or of birth, a full citizen. It's through various activities installation, adaptation, integration, job placement and francization that we respond to this mission.


  • Assisted job search
  • Job search workshops
  • Employment placement by skill
  • Help and technical support for the immigration file.
  • Counseling and orientation on the immigration file.
  • Several activities related to food security (eg food breakdown, purchasing group, emergency repair).
  • French, English and Spanish language courses.
  • Workshops, internships and various employment integration activities.
  • Homework help and activities to prevent school dropout.
  • Intercultural twinning.
  • Socio-cultural activities (exchange, recreational and educational).
  • Search for housing.

Some activities have specific admission criteria and require an appointment. Immigration documents and proof of residence will be requested.

Also, Community Internet Access Center (CACI) available on site. For training hours, please contact us.

Ethnocultural communities

The achievements of LA MAISONNÉE are numerous in the identity construction of people from immigration in interaction with their new environment.

Let's mention, among others:

  • A renewed speech on the social integration of newcomers and their families.
  • The development of a harmonious neighborhood life and programs such as the prevention of delinquency and social promotion for young people of the second generation.
  • An inclusive ideological discourse that values ​​the cultural diversity of the urban social fabric and promotes harmonious relationships between members of a neighborhood or neighborhood.
  • Concrete solutions to difficulties related to discrimination in employment and work by emphasizing renewed personnel management parameters by providing principles guiding the management of diversity.
  • Better sharing of common values


Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday open depending on the activity planned in advance.

Contacts (5)

Wadih Karam
Responsable des services de l’employabilité
Hassan Hassani
Directeur général
Hameza Othman
Responsables des services de première ligne
Jo-Ann Laporte
Micheline Nalette
Responsable des communications

vincent marissal

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