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Katimavik offers young adults opportunities to gain life skills and work experience while contributing to community development through volunteerism. The word ‘Katimavik’ originates from the Inuktitut language, meaning ‘meeting place’. Since 1977, Katimavik has brought young Canadians together to learn, to exchange culture and language, and to help build stronger communities across Canada. Katimavik aims to help youth become engaged, caring citizens and capable contributors and leaders for a better Canada. We do this through the development of 21st century skills, experiential learning, and civic engagement.


The Katimavik National Experience is a fully-immersive 5.5 month program that brings together 11 young adults who share and manage a Katimavik house while living in two different communities. The group will be accompanied by a Project Leader, who resides in the house to mentor the life-changing experience.
The Katimavik National Experience challenges young people in Canada with a transformative experience to empower them to become:
  • Supporters of Truth and Reconciliation across Canada;
  • Contributors to an eco-friendly and sustainable world;
  • Advocates for inclusiveness and diversity; and
  • Confident change-makers working towards a better Canada.

The Katimavik National Experience challenges youth to make a positive impact in each of the communities while also developing a vast set of skills and competencies. Throughout the 5.5 months, participants are very busy and can expect to participate fully in the following:

  • Volunteering 30 hours a week at local non-profit organizations;
  • Learning about Indigenous peoples in Canada and engaging in meaningful truth and reconciliation initiatives;
  • Team building and collaboration;
  • Designing and implementing community projects;
  • Managing all aspects of the Katimavik house, including daily meal preparation;
  • Plan cultural discovery, group outings and fun activities during evenings and weekends.

Katimavik Participants are currently in the following six communities across Canada :

  • Nanaimo, BC
  • Calgary, AB
  • Winnipeg, MB
  • Peterborough, ON
  • Quebec City, QC
  • Moncton, NB


Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

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Emilie Lamoureux-Sproule
Coordinatrice du recrutement

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