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Theater of social intervention. International cooperation projects. School of improvisation. Improvisation League. socio-cultural immersion projects.


Impro'action, a project, a thousand actions!

Brief history:

Impro'action has been officially in existence since 2009, but informally for some years now. Its first activities covered the realization of many projects, such as those of theater of social intervention internationally, extracurricular social projects with several primary and secondary schools of Montreal, Impro-Immigration projects in order to promote the integration and linguistic exchanges, as well as the "Impro-Métro, action-reaction" project on controversial or even taboo themes in the Montreal metro. It is from one thread to another that Impro'action has developed the following sections:

Impro'action the theater of social intervention.

Impro'action international cooperation projects.

Impro'action the league of social improvisation.

Impro'action the school of improvisation.

Impro'action socio-cultural immersion projects.

And more!

Mission of the organization:

Impro'action is a theater company of social intervention born from the desire to be an actor in the development of a more just society where values ​​of respect and tolerance have their place. More concretely, Impro'action is part of an active citizenship approach and therefore gives itself the mission of being at the same time a platform for exchanges and reflection on various social issues, as well as an actor involved in community through different social projects.

Intervention components:

· Impro'action, theater of social intervention: Creation, staging and presentation of plays whose aim is to stimulate reflection on social and cultural realities, while making the actor and the spectator protagonists of change .

· Impro'action, theatrical improvisation workshops: Setting up improvisation workshops of different levels (beginners to experienced players) aiming at (re) discovering the universe and the spirit of improvisational theater. With a humanist philosophy, Impro'action offers tailor-made workshops in which each participant meets the depth of listening and the values ​​of this magnificent game of improvisation. These workshops are designed to foster the work of a holistic and personalized approach, where the introspection of each individual is self-evident. We are convinced that everyone can do improvisation and we give ourselves the challenge to accompany you in this realization by giving you the necessary tools to achieve it. Let yourself be transported into the magical world of Impro'action, you will come out winner!

NB Impro'action also offers improvisation training in schools and entrepreneurship.

Impro'action, the improvisational theatrical league: Organizing theatrical improvisation matches in order to demystify, educate and bring questions about socially controversial or taboo topics among players and the public. Be a protagonist of change, be a corporate improper!

· Impro'action, international cooperation projects: Each year, Impro'action organizes various projects of international cooperation. They consist in offering Quebecers, aged 18 and over, the opportunity to experience an internship in a Latin American country, Africa and / or Europe. Our projects are intended specifically for any professional or student in the performing arts and other artistic fields, as well as in communication.

Our projects are also intended for people connected to the health and social fields, to whom we offer the space and the autonomy necessary to carry out the project that is important to them. The types of work projects are varied, but most of them are social in nature. We work mainly in the prevention of delinquency, drug addiction, prostitution, HIV / AIDS and unwanted pregnancies. We also fight against domestic violence and against street children. We carry out social intervention theater projects with people in difficulty (examples: mental health, physical disability, homelessness, etc.). Our main communication tool is theater, which is developed from improvisation. It is thanks to the support of our many local and international partners, most of them community organizations, that we succeed in achieving our mission by continually developing new projects.


· Impro'action, socio-cultural immersion projects: Impro'action offers a different alternative to its participants by offering them an experience that is out of the ordinary in classical tourism. Indeed, each participant is invited to practice a responsible and citizen tourism, in particular by participating in the daily life of the local populations, but also by taking part in humanitarian activities within the country (distribution of various donations, meeting artistic activities in community organizations). Through this trip, the participant is invited to begin a personal reflection on this elsewhere that is the country visited, but also on itself.

Impro'action values:

- Listening - Responsibility

- Equity - Solidarity

- Involvement - Tolerance

- Respect

Major achievements:

Since its creation, Impro'action has realized various local and international projects. Here is a brief overview:

2006: Aids awareness project in Peru in collaboration with the youth employment hubs of southwest Montreal and the Kallpa Peru association.

2007: Project of prevention of drug addiction and delinquency in Peru in partnership with the institute of education of Peru.

2009: In Quebec, creation and staging of three plays theater (The hunger of Babel, A cabin like no other, Next stop ... the answer to your questions! Text and staging, Geminis Hernandez) with people with physical disabilities . This project was done in collaboration with Joseph Charbonneau High School in Montreal.

2009: Theater project of social intervention, creation of the play " Habramos paso" (Text and directed by Geminis Hernandez Tetreault and Pamela Chavez) which aimed at sensitization the reality of people living with a physical disability in Peru, in partnership with CIJAC, OMAPED, OQAJ.

2010: Sensitization of the Montreal population through improvisation games at 3R (Reduction, Reuse, Recycling), as part of the Quebec Week of Waste Reduction. ( )

2010: Realization of socio-cultural immersion projects in Peru, whose goal is to bring participants to live a cultural and social experience. (See our intervention components for more details).

2011 Awareness project against racism.

National Improvement League (LNI) - Impro'Action.

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