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Pregnancy Relief's mission is to provide women with listening, support and information related to pregnancy and all that is related to it in a great respect imposed by its reality, its personal choices and its values ​​in order to to make him the present and the future fulfilling.


Phone surveilance

We invite any woman concerned about a pregnancy to contact us from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. A speaker will listen attentively to her needs, and this, protected from all judgment in the total respect of her choices ...

Information & references

We are able to offer a wealth of information and references related to pregnancy, contraception, abortion, material assistance, housing, etc ...


We have supervised apartments for young mothers. Residents benefit from the support of a worker and have access to all the services of Pregnancy Help. The stay lasts approximately 18 months and can be extended when the young mother wishes to continue her studies.

Community Friperie
Community Friperie

Our clothing counter is full of maternity clothes, baby clothes (0-2 years old) and various accessories. Any woman interested in attending must make an appointment to obtain these items at low cost.

Tests & meetings
Tests & meetings

We welcome women of all ages who want to take a pregnancy test or meet a local worker. It is always better to set an appointment.

Workshops for teens
Workshops for teens

Whether in school or at the premises of Grossesse-Secours, our sexologist offers kiosks and interactive workshops for teenagers. During these meetings, topics of concern to young people are discussed, including the prevention of teenage pregnancy, hypersexualization, self-esteem, contraception, abortion, cyberdependence, etc.

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