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How to go there ? Nos bureaux sont facilement accessibles par métro. sur la ligne verte, station St-Laurent ou Place des arts.

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Équiterre's mission is to help build a social movement by encouraging citizens, organizations and governments to make ecological, equitable and united choices.


Through its action, Équiterre wants to focus on the fundamental aspects of life. Eating, transporting, living, gardening and consuming: vital needs, but also means within everyone's reach to act responsibly and change the world one step at a time .

It is the individuals and communities that shape their environment. Équiterre offers concrete solutions through its support, awareness and research projects to protect health and the environment, promote equity and solidarity between citizens and peoples. The organization is also involved in the public arena and among decision-makers to ensure that laws, regulations, policies or practices promote a just and sustainable society.


Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

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Monsieur Sidney Ribaux
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Clinical research jobs event for university degrees holders
sunday 4th of november 2018
Published by: Cercle de formation et réseautage communautaire

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