Ville en vert | Éco-quartier Villeray

7355 Avenue Christophe-Colomb, Montréal, QC, H2R 2S5, Bureau 283 Étage 1

Phone 514-500-4956

How to go there ?Nous sommes situés quatre rues à l’est métro Jean-Talon, entre les rues Jean-Talon et Everett, au nord.

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Eco-neighborhood Villeray is an action program sponsored by Patro Le Prevost. His mandate is to educate, train and inform citizens, traders and institutions on cleanliness, beautification and recycling.


  • Promotion and information on all environmental issues.
  • Distribution of green bins and rolling bins.
  • Distribution of trees, shrubs, vines and flowers, support for planting and horticultural advice.
  • Exhibition Art-Eco.
  • Sale of composters.
  • Reuse Festival.

To obtain a free ferry, you must show proof of residence.

Our partners

  • City of Montreal
  • Neighborhood schools
  • Tandem
  • Police Service (ext. 31)
  • Bullion Farm

Éco-quartier Villeray was created in 1996.


Closed for the month of August 2013

Back on September 5th with a new schedule.

Join us by phone or email.

Contacts (3)

Syriame Clément
Intervenante Nature en ville
Thierry Sénécal
Responsable de l'Éco-quartier
Marie-Hélène Cournoyer
Agente 3RV et Propreté

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