Comité de soutien aux parents étudiants de l'UQAM CSPE-UQAM

320, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, Québec, H2X 1L7, DS-3310

Phone 514-987-3000Phone post 5669

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The mission of CSPE-UQAM is to implement various projects to offer services that can facilitate the reconciliation studies-family and improve the socio-economic condition of student parents of UQAM. We also wish to offer parents and future student parents a place to meet and exchange in order to develop mutual help and solidarity between parents. We want to promote the visibility and recognition of student parents and make their situation known to the Uqamian population and the University authorities.


The CSPE-UQAM wishes to develop inexpensive or free activities, adapted to the reality of parents-students and accessible. Thus, the executive and volunteers regularly organize outings, activities at UQAM or conferences.

If you wish to receive more information about what we offer, simply register to receive our newsletters ( member section ). You can also check the website regularly. We will broadcast all activities on the calendar. Do not forget to subscribe…

On the menu :

- Outings to the pool with fun!

- Exit to the sugar shack with a hint of maple syrup!

- Family activities outside UQAM!

- Sweet projects!

- Lunch-and-learns with discussions, crackers, coffee, sugar and milk!

- A fair of clothes every year filled with free items!

- Style 5 to 7 nights with your children!

Do not forget that you have the chance to add the ingredients you want! Moreover, without a student parent, the recipe does not work. So, introduce yourself to our activities! We can not wait to meet you!

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