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How to go there ?Autobus 139 sur Pie-IX jusqu’à la 47e Rue.

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The CEFRG is a popular education center whose mission is to develop social consciousness in collective action, while continuing to promote individual care young people as well as adults. It is a place of belonging, of development, grouping and solidarity where people meet, exchange, develop their potential and their abilities, question and take action to improve their living conditions through mutual support networks, organization and action, as well as workshops training.


Home and references

  • help with finding a job,
  • housing,
  • immigration
  • income security,
  • employment insurance,
  • the pension plan,
  • etc.

Internet cafe

You want to learn about new technologies, communicate with your loved ones, browse your favorite sites, do your school work or simply redo your resume, you're welcome. If you are a member you can access it for free.

Food Services

  • Meal service
    La Grande Bouffe is a hot and balanced meal service offered to provide the child with the energy necessary for a good school concentration. These meals are served during dinner time in a safe environment and with educational activities.

    This service is for children aged 4 to 12 who attend Bienville school. The minimum cost of meals is $ 0.75 per child per meal. Registration is done at the Center in September.
  • Collective Kitchens
    A group of four to five people who, once a month, plan and cook together for a rewarding experience while saving money. Each group receives advice from a nutritionist and is accompanied by a counselor from the Center.
  • Group purchasing group
    Group of ten people who, twice a month, meet to draw up the list of wholesale purchases (meat, vegetables, fruits, cheeses ...) and to distribute the food. Each group receives advice from a nutritionist and is accompanied by a counselor from the Center.
  • Collective gardens
    Group of people coming together to learn how to sow, maintain and harvest good fresh vegetables. In addition, there are training sessions on conservation techniques. Each group receives advice from a nutritionist and is accompanied by a counselor from the Center. This activity starts in April and ends around September.
  • Community lunches
    Every first Monday of the month, the CEFRG welcomes people from the community to share a lunch with them and discuss various topics. Lunch starts at 9 am

Daycare center

Workshops that allow preschoolers to engage in activities that focus on intellectual, motor and social stimulation.

  • 0-1 year workshops
  • 1-2 years workshops
  • Workshops 2-3 years
  • Workshops 3 - 5 years

    * Special activities planned for 3-5 years during spring break.
    * The daycare remains available to parents who participate in the workshops. The cost is $ 1 per attendance
  • Parent groups
    Group of exchange composed of a dozen parents who meet once a month to discuss the development of children and evaluate the activities of the day care. In addition, each parent in this group occasionally assumes periods of co-animation.

Legal Clinic

Twice a month, on Wednesday, counsel is present at the CEFR to inform and assist individuals individually about their legal rights and responsibilities (family and civil law). This service is offered free of charge.

Tax Clinic

Would you like to learn how to fill out tax return forms? The CEFRG offers you the opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience while rendering service to the people of Michelois.

The tax clinic is also a service to allow you to have your tax returns filled by warm and competent people.

Day Camp and Spring Break

  • Day camp

    2-5 years and 6-12 years
    During the summer, the CEFRG offers a day camp with physical, artistic and cultural activities as well as family and non-family outings, depending on the age of the children, in Montreal and abroad.

    13-17 years
    Training assistant-facilitator for 14-17 years old. Through a rewarding group experience, this animation training is a great opportunity to learn while having fun.
  • Spring Break

    3-5 years
    The CECRG day care center organizes special activities for 3-5 years.

    6-12 years
    During the school break in March, the Center offers a week of Extraordinary activities.

    During the school break week in March, the Organizing Committee for Falling Activities (COAC) offers a variety of activities.


The CEFR is born of the will and initiative of the people of the community. It was founded in 1976 and was called at the time "The box to everyone". In 1977, the name Rene-Goupil Community Educational Center was incorporated.

Our partners

  • Montreal School Board
  • Quebec Federation of Community Recreation Centers
  • CDÉC Center-Nord
  • Saint-Michel newspaper
  • Youth House By the big door
  • Local Employment Center (CLE)
  • Neighborhood schools


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00 to 21:00. Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm Friday from 9 am to 4 pm

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