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The mission of the Center for Community Development Initiatives Unit is to intervene in schools, public spaces and other gathering places with children and young people from different cultural communities, as well as their parents, for the purpose to enable them to build bonds of solidarity and to have more active social participation.



Community workers are present in schoolyards and parks after school hours, leaving play materials available to youth. In addition to the work of prevention and intervention, this program aims to enable young people to learn how to better manage their free time by helping them to channel their energy positively. These activities are open to students in grades 3 to 6 and are free.


The MDJ 9-12 is a lively meeting place where youth, in collaboration with significant adults, get involved in activities, outings and projects through which they learn to take responsibility and become critical people, active and responsible. In MDJ, they know a quality associative life where democracy makes sense. These activities are open to students from grades 4 to 6 in the Henri-Beaulieu, Laurentide, Jean-Grou, Enfant-Soleil, Bois-Franc-Watercolor, Beauséjour, Cardinal-Léger and Enfants du monde schools and are completely free of charge.


Community workers occasionally organize special activities with small groups of targeted youth, usually on Fridays after school hours. These activities are designed to meet the specific needs or interests of young people and allow them to develop meaningful relationships and spend special moments with some of them. These activities are organized according to the needs and the capacity of realization.


These workshops allow us to bring a new dimension to the cooperation of our organization with the schools, in addition to contributing to our daily interventions. To do this, we suggest that teachers in grades 5 and 6 teach, on an occasional basis and according to their needs, Friday afternoons. Such an association project brings together stakeholders and the teaching profession while allowing young people to discover, learn, experiment and have fun.


The "Better anchor in Saint-Laurent" project is an initiative of the Laurentian community. Established in 4 elementary schools and a secondary school, the project aims to offer parents and their families support and support in the various spheres of the integration process as well as in the academic success of their child. It is through reference, listening, information workshops, parent / child activities or attendance at various school events that the community school worker succeeds in creating a bond of trust and achieving the objectives of the project.


The RETAC de Saint-Laurent, where all the principals meet, has set up a program to centralize school enrollment for new families moving into their territory. In addition to registration services, an educational assistant is present to assess children's language skills and determine whether they will be enrolled in a regular class or a class. A community school worker is also on hand to welcome these families and provide them with information on the Quebec school and school functioning, in addition to presenting the different resources available in the neighborhood. Finally, they are available to offer support and listening to their immigration experience.

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