Centre de prévention des agressions de Montréal CPAMAPC

4617, rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC, H2J 2L4,

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How to go there ?Sur Saint-Denis près de Mont-Royal. À deux pas du métro Mont-Royal.

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The Montreal Aggression Prevention Center is a charity that has been offering since 1984 a range workshops on the prevention of aggression designed for groups particularly vulnerable to attacks: children, teenagers, women of all ages, people with disabilities physical and / or intellectual. All our programs are centered on the development of capacities and resources to help people to deal with difficult and dangerous situations.


The objectives of the Prevention Center are:

  • develop strategies to reduce vulnerability and the number of attacks;
  • to ensure that all groups vulnerable to assault have access to practical tools to increase their safety and improve their quality of life;
  • Raise awareness and mobilize the community to engage in education on aggression prevention;

To achieve its objectives, the Center has set up the following two programs :

  • SPACE : The purpose of this program is to reduce the vulnerability of children to abuse by preparing them to recognize and respond to aggressive situations. Workshops are held in classrooms and daycares to provide helpful information and strategies to deal with assaults. Other workshops are also provided for parents and school staff. The project involves the entire adult community in the prevention of all kinds of abuse committed against children.
  • ACTION : Our ACTION self-defense course for women and adolescent girls focuses on the most common types of aggression: subtle and obvious aggression by known or unknown attackers. The course includes verbal and physical techniques, situational exercises, techniques to be calm, outings of various shots, counterattacks to physical attacks and strategies for specific situations such as armed attacks and attacks by several attackers .

The Center also offers the following other services:

  • Consulting and program design
  • Documentation center
  • Reference Center

Our various services are offered in French and English, and we are sensitive to various linguistic, cultural and community needs.

More specifically to children, women and people with disabilities.

Our partners

  • Ministry of Health and Social Services
  • OVFP
  • foundations
  • Members

The Center is also a member of the following groups:

  • Sexual Assault Consultation Table - Montréal Region
  • Action and Consultation Group on Sexual Abuse and Physical Abuse among Children and Adolescents in Montreal
  • Montreal Women and Urban Safety Action Committee (CAFSU)
  • Table of women's groups
  • Cross-sectoral grouping of community organizations (Montreal RIOC)
  • Regional table of voluntary organizations of popular education of Montreal (TROVEP)
  • Coalition for the control of arms
  • Network of Women in Health and Social Services
  • ICAP - International Child Assault Prevention


Monday to Thursday from 9:30 to 16:30

Workshops may be offered at other times.

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David Singleton
Beatriz Munoz

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