Centre de pédiatrie sociale de Saint-Laurent/Au coeur de l'enfance

1075 avenue Sainte-Croix, Montréal, QC, H4L 3Z2

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The Saint-Laurent Center for Social Pediatrics / At the Heart of Childhood offers children living in situations of great vulnerability a refuge to grow better. Families find a community and a strong base for rebuilding their strengths and ensuring the well-being and optimal development of their children.


The Saint-Laurent Center for Social Pediatrics / At the Heart of Childhood offers perinatal and social pediatric services in keeping with the strengths and pathways of parents, and in listening carefully to children's words

The meeting of health services, social services and educational activities in the same open and welcoming living space allows to act effectively on all the stressors that have a toxic impact on the health and the development of the children. Deprivation, material insecurity, unsanitary housing, food insecurity, mental health of parents, precarious migratory status, domestic violence, and past and present traumas seriously jeopardize the future of children. Our interdisciplinary team of dedicated professionals joins forces with parents to counteract their impacts.

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Christine Durocher
Directrice générale

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