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Founded in 1937 and the first volunteer center in Canada, the Montreal Volunteer Center (VAB) is dedicated to promoting volunteerism in the community. It offers volunteer recruitment and referral services, a training program for volunteer managers, conferences and a network of 70 meals and community meals.


The CABM recruits and guides thousands of volunteer candidates annually to more than 430 charitable and non-profit organizations working in areas as diverse as: health and social services, community development, sports and recreation, education, environment, arts and culture, etc.

A training program primarily for volunteer managers working in community and non-profit organizations, organizing volunteer shows, a documentation center, consulting services and assistance (through the Central Services Office). volunteer meals) to more than 80 meals and community meals are also among the main services offered to NPOs and the general public.


The offices of the CABM are open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Contacts (9)

Marjorie Northrup
Coordonnatrice des Services alimentaires bénévoles
Antonella Campa
Coordonnatrice au recrutement et orientation des bénévoles
Pierre Morrissette
Directeur général
Harneet Singh
Coordonnatrice du programme de formation et événements spéciaux
Julia Pierre
Agente de promotion et de communication
Marie-Noëlle Fédronie
Claire Jean
Agente de liaison des services alimentaires bénévoles
Stéphanie Carrasco
Agente de développement et de communication des services alimentaires bénévoles
Claire Lacoste
Coordonnatrice des services aux membres


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