Centre communautaire Bon Courage de Place Benoît

155, place Benoît, Montréal, QC, H4N 2H4 , bureau 02

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The mission of the Bon Courage Community Center is to support and support the residents of Place Benoît and surrounding areas in order to improve their own living conditions and take charge of their future. By welcoming people of all ages and developing actions with them to meet their personal, social and community development needs, it is defined as a living environment. The main values ​​that underlie the mission are: respect, participation, mutual assistance, accountability, equality between all and partnership.


The Bon Courage Center intervenes in a rather particular context. In fact, Place Benoît, located in the borough of Saint-Laurent, is a highly disadvantaged, isolated and isolated island where, on average, more than a thousand people live. It is a multiethnic district, very marked by immigration (95% of residents). In addition, the majority of the population lives below the poverty line in a district yet deemed very rich. In addition to poverty, there is the geographical context of the neighborhood, which is landlocked, confined between a railway line and the highway without an efficient public transport service. The difficult situation of Place Benoît is behind the creation of an integrated urban revitalization project (RUI) by the City of Montreal, a project in which the Bon Courage Center is participating.

Our actions revolve around the axis of intervention Youth: School Success, Popular Education and Road to Employment . There is also the family intervention axis: Food Security Program, Seniors, Early Childhood (parent-child stimulation, rest stop) and neighborhood life. On a day-to-day basis, we seek to make a difference to populations, hence the provincial prize for intercultural cohesion, which was awarded to us by the Regroupement des Organismes Communautaires Autonomes Jeunesse du Québec (ROCAJQ) in 2010.


Monday to Friday 9h - 19h

Saturday 11h-19h

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