Bureau de la Communauté Haïtienne de Montréal BCHM

6970, rue Marquette, Montréal, QC, H2E 2C7

Phone 514-725-9508Fax 514-725-9830

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The BCHM is a non-profit community organization that works with vulnerable families from ethnocultural communities in the center of the island of Montreal to help them escape isolation and poverty by promoting their social success.


In his service delivery, eager to be always relevant to citizens, he updated his mission and goals in 2011. He continues to provide services and meet the needs expressed by the community.

  • Support to young families

Supervision for schoolchildren (Academic support), low-cost cooking, respite for parents, well-being for seniors, sports or socio-cultural activities, coffee exchange, support and assistance for single mothers, day camps, etc.

  • Community society

Listening and referral, general assistance services and access to public services, CV writing, multimedia room (free Internet access)

  • Representation and consultation

The organization wants to be dynamic and weaves close ties with local partners, for a better accompaniment towards the exercise of a full citizenship for all.

The Office of the Haitian Community of Montreal was founded in 1972.

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Mme Ruth Pierre-Paul

vincent marissal

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