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Founded in 1978, the Quebec Association of Gerontology is a non-profit organization that focuses on the different aspects of aging. It brings together any intervener, any person, group or organization interested in different aspects of aging in the context of Québec society; the Association promotes the transfer of information and the development of knowledge about the senior population.


Here are its objectives:

1. to promote the circulation of information and to encourage exchanges between the different persons and groups interested in the aspects of aging; promote the quality of life of seniors in Quebec;

2. support and participate in research, promote the transfer of knowledge and propose themes related to aging; promote the quality of life of seniors both within institutions and within the community;

3. promote the training of staff and all stakeholders and the awareness of everyone, from the close to the professional, who works with aging people or whose activities have an impact on their living conditions; promote the recognition of this training by governments and employers;

4. Inspire reflection on government policies and legislation related to the phenomenon of aging.

5. Influence policy makers and legislators.

6. to analyze policies that, in some way or another, affect aging and to express our views and opinions as a result of these laws or policies;

7. educate the community and individuals about the individual and collective implications of aging;

8. collaborate with other groups and associations interested in the above issues and objectives


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