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The YMCAs of Quebec is a charitable organization whose mission is to build stronger communities by providing opportunities for growth and active, healthy and committed life for all.

» 1435 Rue Drummond Montréal » 514-849-5331
» 1440 Rue Stanley Montréal » 514-849-8393
» 5550 avenue Du Parc Montréal » 514-271-9622‎
» 200 Rene-Levesque Ouest Montréal » 514-845-4277
» 4567 rue Hochelaga Montréal » 514-255-4651
» 4335 Hampton Montréal » 514-486-7315‎
» 255 avenue Ash Montréal » 514-935-4711
» 1745 Decarie Montréal » 514-747-9801‎

St. John Ambulance's mission is to help Canadians and Quebeckers improve their health, safety and quality of life by providing training and community services.

» 110 Boul. Crémazie Ouest Montréal » 514-842-4801

"With the intention of developing in everyone the pleasure and the ambition to become an autonomous, committed and responsible adult through a positive passage of adolescence: To provide young people...

» 8695 Hochelaga Montréal » 514-493-0557

The Carrefour Familial Hochelaga aims to promote the well-being of families in the neighborhood by offering a warm and dynamic place of belonging that promotes listening, welcoming and helping others....

» 1611 avenue d’Orléans Montréal » 514-523-9283

Promote the social inclusion of adults who have a severe physical disability by developing a civic conscience in a context of community life and popular education through educational activities (know-...

» 1101 rue St-Dominique Montréal » 514-252-1671

The DEBAT Center is a literacy organization that helps adults with low levels of education to improve their skills in reading, writing and numeracy, while promoting development of social and cognit...

» 1620, avenue de La Salle, Montréal » 514-522-8691

Promote the participation of women of all ages in sport and physical activity and ensure the equity of this participation in Quebec.

» 4545 Avenue Pierre-De Coubertin Montréal » 514-252-3000

The mission of the GEMO is to provide food assistance services by promoting access to nutritious foods at reasonable cost and to carry out educational activities in food and nutrition. Our goal is to ...

» 6765, rue Marseille Montréal » 514-253-0297

I go everywhere helps young people in the neighborhood Hochelaga-Maisonneuve to escape poverty by promoting a better schooling through tutoring activities and support for parents.

» 4731, Sainte-Catherine Est Montréal » 514-521-8235

The Marie Debout is a warm place managed by and with women where each one finds a space to exist and express themselves, regardless of their age, civil status, origin or sexual orientation. Here, no r...

» 4001, rue Sainte-Catherine Est Montréal » 514 597-2311

The IT Resource Chip accompanies and supports the individuals, community-based organizations, associations and trade unions in their process of computerization and of appropriation of the different...

» 4689 Avenue Papineau Montréal » 514-259-3126

The Community Education Pavilion as a center popular education program offers educational activities, recreation and cultural activities as well as services to residents and residents of Hochelaga-...

» 1691 Boulevard Pie IX Montréal » 514-596-4488

Le Petit Revdec is an organization for young mothers or young pregnant women between the ages of 12 and 20 who live difficulties in school or who no longer attend school.

» 4551, rue La Fontaine Montréal » 514-899-5499

Productions Jeun'Est (PJE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and development of young adults from 18 to 35 years who are experiencing social difficulties.PJE offers them traini...

» 4560 rue Adam Montréal » 514-493-6830

Revdec is an alternative resource at school. The organization wants to allow young dropouts, and students with significant academic, personal or social difficulties, to prevent them from working in th...

» 2660 rue Létourneux Montréal » 514-259-0634
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Singing lessons of all styles and levels. Come find your vocal power. courses at affordable prices in private or in groups. Marie-Laurence Dubé, singing teacher and member of the Union des Artistes. V...

» Montréal » 438-765-8368

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