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» 7644, Édouard, LaSalle Montréal, LaSalle » 514-367-5000

The Center du Vieux Moulin in LaSalle, a community and volunteer organization serving 50 years and over, a living and caring environment, has the mission of improving the quality of life and prolongin...

» 7644 rue Édouard Montréal » 514-364-1541

The Hope Corporation is a non-profit organization offering quality programs and adapted for families living with a person with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder of any age.

» 55 rue Dupras LaSalle » 514-367-3757

Montréal Scouting's mission is to provide dynamic education for boys and girls, enabling them to create and live projects with high challenges that foster leadership development and involvement in the...

» 7675 Édouard Montréal »

This aquatic complex meets the diverse needs of the entire population with recreational activities, specialized courses, relaxation spots and even aquatherapy! Indeed, with its 1,200 meters of swimmab...

» 1411, rue Lapierre Montréal » 514 367-6460

» » 514 364-4451

Arena managed by the City of Montreal

» 8681, boulevard Champlain Montréal » 514 367-6361

The Cougars Hockey Association of LaSalle is, like all hockey associations, a non-profit organization. Through a board of directors elected at the beginning of the season each year, the association de...

» 8681, boul. Champlain Montréal » 514-367-6367

» 707, 75e avenue Montréal » 514-367-6524

The Montreal Single People's Association (APS Montreal) was founded in 1989 by a group of individuals whose goal is to provide single parents and singles over the age of 25 the chance to meet in a soc...

» LaSalle » (514) 769-3124Create a blog

Offer activities outside the seniors of LaSalle

» 15, rue Highland Montréal » 514 366-9517

The Dollard-Saint-Laurent Sports Center offers a wide range of recreational activities for athletes of all ages. Its facilities include: • an indoor rink; • a gymnasium (mainly used by the Jeune Aire ...

» 707, 75e Avenue Montréal » 514 367-6361
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