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The Hope Corporation is a non-profit organization offering quality programs and adapted for families living with a person with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder of any age.

» 55 rue Dupras LaSalle » 514-367-3757

Destination Travail du Sud-Ouest de l'Ile de Montreal is a non-profit employability organization founded in 1996. Its mission is to support people aged 16 to 65 in their career path. His services, fre...

» 7576, rue Centrale LaSalle » 514 368-1832

Inaugurated in 1996, the MFL is a non-profit community organization, whose mission is to provide a living, welcoming, listening, educational and supporting families in LaSalle, fostering commitment,...

» 535, av. Lafleur LaSalle »

» 1351 rue Lapierre Montréal » 514-367-1424

» 8050 rue Juliette Montréal » 514-368-2020

» 7644 rue Édouard Montréal » 514-367-6703

The Boys and Girls Club of LaSalle's mission is to provide young people with opportunities to develop a personal awareness of their community in a healthy and safe environment. Its goals are to encour...

» 8600, Hardy Lasalle » 514-364-4661

LaSalle Family Childcare Center is a non-profit corporation. Its primary mandate is to provide children with the opportunity to access quality educational childcare services, promoting their physical,...

» 21 rue Centrale Montréal » 514-595-9955

» 436, avenue Lafleur Montréal » 514 363-3131

» 8585, terrasse Champlain Montréal » 514 362-8000

The Jardin Topinambour wants to offer the child an environment and programming that promotes its global development, language, sensory, physical, motor, emotional, cognitive and social while ensuring ...

» 55, avenue Dupras Montréal » 514 367-1000

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