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Habitat for Humanity Quebec is a non-profit organization that seeks to create a world where everyone lives in a safe and decent place. The organization is mobilizing volunteers and partners to build s...

» 4399, rue Notre-Dame ouest Montréal » 514-907-8991

The Table is a mechanism for intersectoral and multi-network dialogue, which acts as a lever for development. It is made up of all the members who meet 4 times a year in an assembly to discuss the ...

» 707, 75ième Avenue LaSalle, Montréal » 514-367-6340

The Brico + workshop executes subcontracts on behalf of manufacturing companies. Whether assembly, labeling, packaging, storage, handling or distribution, Brico + takes over at any stage of production...

» 7491 rue Cordner Montréal » 514-367-3576

» Lasalle » 514 367-5782

» » 514 366-5340

» » 514 299-3691

Stimulate and support the business initiatives of individuals and businesses to promote economic growth and increase the collective wealth of LaSalle.

» 55, avenue Dupras Montréal » (514) 367-6380

Receive donations that will be used to improve the quality of life and care of patients and users of LaSalle Hospital through the purchase of medical equipment

» 8585, terrasse Champlain LaSalle » 514 367-8613

Bring together people of all cultures, nationalities, religions and beliefs who work locally and globally, starting with their own lives. Reconcile the differences. Create trust. Heal the wounds of th...

» 195, avenue Gérald Montréal » 514 364-9808

Wanting to contribute to improving the quality of life of people, Logi + net / The Housekeepers provides housekeeping services to the home of frail elderly people and low-income households in the boro...

» 7491 rue Cordner Montréal » 514-363-8686

Our company has a dual economic and social mission. The profits are used to finance the second vocation of the company, which is the integration or social reintegration of women.

» 3196 Boulevard Lasalle Montreal » 514-435-6108

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