Organizations (91)

» 7644, Édouard, LaSalle Montréal, LaSalle » 514-367-5000

The Center for Action for Employability Research and Development (CADRE) has two distinct and interdependent missions: integrating people with mental health issues at work and helping seniors and adul...

» 7491 rue Cordner Montréal » 514-367-3576

The Center du Vieux Moulin in LaSalle, a community and volunteer organization serving 50 years and over, a living and caring environment, has the mission of improving the quality of life and prolongin...

» 7644 rue Édouard Montréal » 514-364-1541

CLLL is a collective rights organization whose mission is to promote and protect access to good quality and affordable housing primarily for households in Lachine and LaSalle boroughs.

» 426, rue Saint-Jacques Lachine » 514-544-4294

The Hope Corporation is a non-profit organization offering quality programs and adapted for families living with a person with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder of any age.

» 55 rue Dupras LaSalle » 514-367-3757

Destination Travail du Sud-Ouest de l'Ile de Montreal is a non-profit employability organization founded in 1996. Its mission is to support people aged 16 to 65 in their career path. His services, fre...

» 7576, rue Centrale LaSalle » 514 368-1832

Serving the community since 1983, Exchange of Services LaSalle (ESL), wants to contribute to improving the quality of life of low-income seniors and promote their independence and social participation...

» 7491 rue Cordner Montréal » 514-363-2202

Who are the caregivers? They are parents, brothers, sisters, spouses who take care of a person with a loss of autonomy, who is sick or has a disability. The Group is a place of mutual aid, exchange an...

» 7475, boul. Newman LaSalle » 514 564-3061

Habitat for Humanity Quebec is a non-profit organization that seeks to create a world where everyone lives in a safe and decent place. The organization is mobilizing volunteers and partners to build s...

» 4399, rue Notre-Dame ouest Montréal » 514-907-8991

The Lachine Third Age Resource Center Inc., known under the name of La Théière, is a non-profit organization for people aged 50 and over. La Théière gives older people the opportunity to meet each oth...

» 2901 St. Joseph Blvd. Lachine » 514-637-5627

Inaugurated in 1996, the MFL is a non-profit community organization, whose mission is to provide a living, welcoming, listening, educational and supporting families in LaSalle, fostering commitment,...

» 535, av. Lafleur LaSalle »

Provide a common place for nutrition education and support for groups and individuals concerned or concerned with the fight against poverty and food security.

» 408-A Avenue Lafleur Montréal » 514-365-3670

The Table is a mechanism for intersectoral and multi-network dialogue, which acts as a lever for development. It is made up of all the members who meet 4 times a year in an assembly to discuss the ...

» 707, 75ième Avenue LaSalle, Montréal » 514-367-6340

The Regroupement Midwives of Quebec works to develop the profession and its specificity within the Quebec health system. It defends the free choice of places of birth for women (home, birth house or h...

» 2330 rue Notre-Dame O Montréal » 514-738-8090
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Business (753)

A Low Price Extermination is a company working in pest management. Our goal is to solve your problem and satisfy our customers as efficiently as possible.

» 6950 des Roseraies Montréal » 514-835-4131
» 142 Sinclair Repentigny » 450-654-2700
» 355 Limoges Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines » 450-433-2700

» 7658 Rue Jean-Chevalier Montréal » 514-368-0123

» 1260 Av Dollard Montréal » 514-366-8872

» 1236 Av Dollard Montréal » 514-366-0100

» 2222A Av Dollard Montréal » 514-363-1531

» 7077 Boul Newman Montréal » 514-367-4834 is a company that offers the services of a virtual assistant to make your job easier by offering personalized, professional and effective services. Our means, your results. Adminis...

» 7946, rue Simonne Lasalle » 514 750-9223

» 8180 Rue Jean-Brillon Montréal » 514-363-1252

» 7401 Boul Newman Montréal » 514-364-3722

» 7608 Rue Centrale Montréal » 514-364-1001

» 1589 Rue Baxter Montréal » 514-363-8810

» 1678 Av Dollard Montréal » 514-366-4234

» 7071 Boul Newman Montréal » 514-364-9720

» 1411 Av Dollard Montréal » 514-365-8600

» 2720 Rue Lapierre Montréal » 514-947-5410
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Elected (11)

Nancy Blanchet is the elected representative of the citizens of the Sault Saint-Louis district.

» 55, avenue Dupras Montréal » 514 367-6000

» 655, 32e Avenue, suite 202 Lachine » 514 634-9720

Josée Troilo is the elected representative of the citizens of the Cecil-P.-Newman District on the LaSalle Borough Council.

» 55, avenue Dupras LaSalle » 514 367-6000

Laura Palestini is the elected representative of the citizens of the Sault Saint-Louis district on the LaSalle Borough Council and the Council of the City of Montreal.

» 55, avenue Dupras Montréal » 514 367-6000

Mrs. Lise Zarac is the elected representative of the citizens of the Cecil-P.-Newman district of the borough of LaSalle to the Council of the City of Montreal.

» 55, avenue Dupras Montréal » 514 367-6000

Ms. Manon Barbe is the elected representative of the citizens of the Borough Council of LaSalle and the City Council of the City of Montreal as mayor.

» 55 avenue Dupras Lasalle » 514 367-6000

Mr. Richard Deschamps is the elected representative representing the citizens of the borough of LaSalle, Sault-Saint-Louis district on the City Council of Montreal.

» 55, avenue Dupras Montréal » 514 367-6000

Mr. Serge Declos is the elected representative of the citizens of the Cecil-P.-Newman District.

» 55, avenue Dupras Montréal » 514 367-6000

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