Centre de pédiatrie sociale Laval CPS Laval

1880 av. Dumouchel, , Laval, Qc, H7S 1J8, app. 1

Phone 450 682-0277

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The Laval Center for Social Pediatrics is a non-profit organization that offers activities and provides care for children in its community. The Laval Center for Social Pediatrics contributes to the overall development of children and adolescents with development, socialization or health problems in disadvantaged areas. It also promotes the interests and rights of children and their families.


In a community-integrated setting, we provide interdisciplinary health services to clients who are currently out of touch with the current network of services.
We seek early detection of children and families whose state of vulnerability could affect their health, development and integration into school. We evaluate the overall situation of the child in order to:

  • to identify the origin of his difficulties and those experienced by his family;
  • of furniture the resources engaged around the family;
  • identify the needs of the child
  • to develop a project specific to each child.

In the interest of complementarity, the Laval Center for Social Pediatrics wishes to orchestrate the mobilization and cooperation of key stakeholders in the best interests of children. To do this, the Center relies on partnerships established with several players in the Laval community, including the health and social services network, the school community, community resources, daycare centers, the municipality, and so on.

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