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The mission of A.B.C. Manoirs touches the following three points: Education: Make schooling accessible to anyone 16 years old and over. Job : Allow people to have a more active place in society. This objective requires the development of the autonomy of the person in all its forms and according to the specific needs of each. Staff : Help them to discover themselves, to become people in their own right. Make them autonomous at all levels in everyday life. This last objective is translated by the development of the personal capacities of each one and by the support in their approach. This is made possible by an environment where self-esteem and one's abilities develop.


The principle put forward within the organization is respect, which means acceptance of people without prejudice and the establishment of a climate of trust. All members of the ABC des Manoirs are attentive to people and their needs.

The workshops aim at the autonomy of the person. In this context people feel motivated to continue their training. This training, acquired at its own pace, encourages the development of the person and the improvement of quality and living conditions.

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Clinical research jobs event for university degrees holders
sunday 4th of november 2018
Published by: Cercle de formation et réseautage communautaire

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