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The Community Assistance Service (SAC) Anjou is a non-profit organization that welcomes and helps people in need and in difficulty. It works through collective action, volunteering and popular educati...
» 6497 avenue Azilda, Anjou » 514 354-4299

A Mondalire is a non-profit organization that offers literacy workshops to any adult who wants to learn to read and write to improve their quality of life. The organization has been operating in th...
» 11951, Notre Dame Est, Montréal » 514-640-9228

» 5515, ave. de l'Aréna, Montréal » 514-354-0120

» 9200, rue de l'Innovation, Montréal » 514-353-0801

The Greater Montreal Regional Distance Education Center is a public body duly mandated by the Quebec Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports to provide officially recognized training in Quebec....
» 7741, avenue du Ronceray, Montréal » 514 353-3355

The CSPÎ defines its mission, its raison d'être, according to the following three components: - Accompany and support schools in the fulfillment of their mission: to educate, socialize and qualify al...
» 550, 53e avenue, Montréal » 514 642-9520
» 7725 avenue Des Ormeaux, Montréal » 514-352-4136
» 7741, avenue du Ronceray, Montréal » 514-352-7645
» 890, St-Jean-Baptiste, Montréal » 514-645-9727
» 550, 53e Avenue, Montréal » 514-642-9520

» 6951, avenue Des Ormeaux, Montréal » 514 352-5500

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