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The help service Remue-Ménage offers domestic help services primarily to people aged 65 and over in the Ahuntsic, Bordeaux, Cartierville and St-Laurent neighborhoods.

» 1620 Rue Fleury E Montréal » 514-383-1222

Promote the social participation of adults with intellectual disabilities and provide support services to families in the exercise of their responsibilities towards a loved one with a developmental di...

» 633, rue Crémazie Est Montréal » 514 381-2300

The IRIS Association's mission is to promote and provide mental health services, with or without accommodation. This mission aims at social reintegration, IRIS is also the acronym for Social Reinte...

» 2430, boulevard Henri-Bourassa Est Montréal » 514-388-9233

Baluchon Alzheimer's mission is to offer respite, support and accompaniment to caregivers who wish to stay at home with their loved one suffering from Alzheimer's disease or certain related diseases, ...

» 10138, rue Lajeunesse Montréal » 514 762-2667

The Special Olympics movement, active in more than 170 countries, aims to enrich the lives of people with intellectual disabilities through sport. More than 4.2 million special athletes of all ages ar...

» 1274, rue Jean Talon Est Montréal » 514-843-8778

Opération Enfant Soleil is a non-profit organization that raises funds to support the development of quality pediatrics and contributes to social intervention projects for all children in Quebec.

» 255, boulevard Crémazie Est, bureau 160 Montréal » 514-380-2323

The mission of Parentrie is to support the families and members of the entourage of people with a severe and persistent mental health disorder. To do this, our services of mutual assistance and respit...

» 10780 rue Laverdure Montréal » 514 385-6786

Support young people of all cultural backgrounds aged thirteen (13) and over who are experiencing problematic situations - poverty, isolation, family breakdown, generational conflict, violence, drug a...

» 10780 rue Laverdure Montréal » 514 388-7336

Created in 2002, RÊVANOUS develops and offers a range of services and activities aimed at the autonomy and social inclusion of people living with a mild intellectual disability.

» 9870, rue Laverdure, Bureau 100 Montréal » 514-528-8833

Corpuscule Danse, the first professional integrated dance company in Quebec, is born of the boundless passion that France Geoffroy has devoted to contemporary dance for more than 20 years, an art she ...

» » 514-759-5316

Accès-soir is a service for you who work in AHUNTSIC, CARTIERVILLE, ST-LAURENT or MONTREAL-NORTH. Accès-soir is a trailer that moves. It's also Dany, François, Étienne and Geneviève that you can conta...

» 10780 rue Laverdure Montréal » 514-347-4207

In many traditions, the rainbow has a symbolic power; it is a path that connects the earth and the sky, a bridge between the world of humans and that of the gods. And that's why the Arc-en-Ciel cen...

» 39B, boulevard Gouin Ouest Montréal » 514-335-0948

To allow people with physical and / or sensory disabilities, even very severe, to improve their quality of life and their integration into the community through the practice of sailing independently.

» 35 - 2025 Quesnel Montréal » 514 846-2171

Legal services for economically disadvantaged persons (civil, family and administrative).

» 440, boul. René-Lévesque ouest Montréal » 514-849-3671
» 800, boul. de Maisonneuve Est Montréal » 514-842-2233
» 5800, rue St-Denis Montréal » 514-864-9833
» 5879, boul. Henri-Bourassa Est Montréal-Nord » 514-864-8833
» 4250 Wellington Verdun » 514-864-9437
» 5100, rue Sherbrooke Est Montréal » 514-864-6644
» 201, boul. Crémazie Est Montréal » 514-864-4828
» 3535, chemin de la Reine-Marie Montréal » 514-864-7666
» 1055 René-Lévesque est Montréal » 514-864-7313
» 425, boul. de Maisonneuve ouest Montréal » 514-864-2111
» 3535 chemin de la Reine-Marie Montréal » 514-864-4278

This organization, composed of volunteers, offers home support activities: friendly visits, telephones, accompaniment, health transportation, meals on wheels. Scrabble, art workshops, etc.

» 9286 rue Berri Montréal » 514 388-0775
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The Wellness Psychology Clinic is composed of a highly qualified team. Several psychological fields of intervention are offered.

» 5777, Boul Gouin Ouest Montréal » 514-510-2245

» 10351 St-Laurent Montréal » (438) 333-0707

» 1720, rue Fleury est Montréal » 514-544-6246

» 10351 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal » 438-333-0707Create a blog

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